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❧ By the King.
❧ A Proclamation commanding the Gentry to keepe their Residence at their Mansions in the Countrey, and forbidding them to make their habitations in London, and places adioyning.

THe Kings most Excellent MAIESTIE hath obserued, that of late yeeres a greater number of the Nobilitie and Gentrie, and abler sort of His people with their Families, haue resorted to the Cities of London and Westminster, and places adioyning, and there made their residence, then in former times, contrary to the auncient vsage of the English Nation, which hath occasioned diuers incon­ueniences; for where by their residence and abiding in the seuerall Countreys whence their meanes ariseth, they serued the King in seuerall places according to their Degrees and Rankes in ayde of the Gouernement, where­by, and by their House-keeping in those parts, the Realme was defended, and the meaner sort of the people were guided, directed and relieued, but by their residence in the said Cities and parts adioyning, they haue not imployment, but liue without doing any Seruice to His Maiestie or His people, a great part of their money and substance is drawen from the seue­rall Countreys whence it ariseth, and is spent in the Citie in excesse of Apparell prouided from Forraigne parts, to the enriching of other Nations, and vnnecessary consumption of a great part of the Treasure of this Realme, and in other vaine delights and expences, euen to the wasting of their Estates, which is not issued into the parts from whence it ariseth, nor are the people of them relieued therewith, or by their Hospitalitie, nor yet set on worke as they might and would bee, were it not for the absence of the principall men out of their Countreys, and the excessiue vse of Forraigne Commodities by this occasion also, and of the great number of loose and idle people that follow them, and liue in, and about the said Cities, [Page] the disorder there groweth so great, and the Delinquents become so numerous, as those pla­ces are not so easily gouerned by their ordinary Magistrates, as in former times, and the said Cities are not onely at excessiue charge in relieuing a great number of those idle and loose people, that grow to Beggery, and become diseased and infirme, but also are made more subiect to Contagion and Infection, and the prizes of all kindes of victuals both in the said Cities, and in diuers other places from whence those Cities are serued, are exceedingly increa­sed, and the seuerall Countreys vndefended, the poorer sort are vnrelieued, and not guided or gouerned, as they might bee in case those persons of qualitie and respect resided among them.

His Maiestie finding those inconueniences to arise from hence, and foreseeing that more will ensue, if timely remedy be not prouided, hath resolued for the common good of His people, as by His Office He is bound to vse all good wayes for preuenting of those great euils.

And obseruing that His Noble Progenitors Kings of this Realme haue vsed, when for the common profit of the Realme it was necessary to command their people, aswell those of the Clergie of all sorts, as the Laitie, to keepe Residence at their dwellings in the seuerall parts of this Realme, where for defence, good, and safetie thereof, was most necessary, and to restraine their departure, or changing their habitations from thence, vnder diuers paines vpon the contemners of those Commands: Therefore His Maiestie doth streightly charge and command His Lords both Spirituall and Temporall, the Lieutenants and Deputie Lieutenants of Counties, Iustices assigned for conseruation of the Peace, Baronets, Knights, Esquires, and Gentlemen, and all Clerkes hauing Benefices with Cure, or Pre­bends or Dignities in Cathedrall or Collegiat Churches, and all other His Maiesties Sub­iects of the seuerall parts of the Realme, that haue Mansion-houses and places of Resi­dence in other parts, and are not of His Maiesties Councell, or bound to dayly attendance on His Highnesse, His dearest Consort the Queene, or their Children, That before the end of fourty dayes next after the publishing of this Proclamation within His Citie of London, they with their families depart from the Cities of London and Westminster, Suburbes and Li­berties thereof, and places adioyning, and resort to the seuerall Counties where they vsually resided, and there keepe their habitations and hospitalitie, attend their seruices, and be ready for the defence and guidance of those parts, as their Callings, Degrees and Abilities shall extend, vpon such paines as are to be inflicted vpon those that shall neglect the publique seruice and defence of the Realme in contempt of His Maiesties Royall Command: And that aswell those hereby commanded to returne to their seuerall Countreys, as those which are already there, doe vpon the same paines, continue the Residence of themselues, and their families there, and doe their dueties and seruices as aforesaid.

Neuerthelesse, his Maiestie doeth hereby declare that it is not His purpose to restraine the necessary accesse of any His Subiects to the said Cities or either of them, for the following their suites or other necessary businesse in Terme time, or otherwise, so as they doe not by pre­tence thereof remoue their families, but leaue the same to continue in the Countrey, and keep their houses and Hospitality, and themselues returne thither as their businesse may permit them, and to the end the better effect may hence follow, His Maiesty doth charge and com­mand the Lord Maior of the City of London, and the Aldermen of the same Citie, & the Iusti­ces [Page] assigned for conseruation of the Peace there, and in the City of Westminster and the Sub­urbes and Liberties of the same Cities, and in the Counties and places adioyning, and all Constables and Churchwardens in euery Parish within any of those Cities, Suburbes, Li­berties, Counties, and places, That euery of them make speciall obseruation of all those that shall bee disobedient to this Our Command, and from time to time present their names to some of Our Counsell learned, whom Wee doe Command to take due examination, or notice of the qualities of their offences, and to cause prosecution to bee had against them in Our Court of Starre-chamber, or in any other Our Courts of Iustice as the case shall require.

And because His Maiesties louing people of the Cities, Suburbes, Liberties, and places aforesaid, are exceedingly burthened and charged, by occasion of this great & vnnecessary con­course of those strangers among them, His Maiestie holdeth it equall and iust, and is well pleased that in their ayde and contributions to his Maiestie, and other common payments, they shall be charged with respect to the inconuenience that commeth by their residence in those places, and that neuerthelesse in other parts of the Realme they bee not forborne in any vsuall payment which by Law may be layed on them, and which they were accustomed to beare among their neighbours in the Country when they resided there. And his Maiesty doth further charge and command, that when they or any of them at any Assizes, Sessions, or other place of publike seruice shall make default of their seruice, or due attendance, that the penalties of the Law bee seuerely inflicted on them, without fauour or excuse by reason of their residing with their families at London, or Westminster, or the places adioyning.

Finally, His Maiestie doeth hereby declare that it is His firme resolution to withstand this great and growing euill, by all iust wayes, and by a constant seuerity towards the offenders in that behalfe; For which cause His Maiestie doeth giue this timely warning, that none doe hereafter presume to offend, nor put themselues to vnnecessary charge in prouiding themselues to returne in Winter, to the said Cities and places adiacent but that they conforme themselues to this his Royall Commandement, as they tender their dueties to His Maiestie, or the good and welfare of their countreyes and themselues.

God saue the King.

¶ Imprinted at London by Robert Barker, Printer to the Kings most Excellent MAIESTIE: and by the Assignes of Iohn Bill. M.DC.XXXII.

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