CHarles, by the grace of God, King of England, Scotland, France and Ireland, defendor of the faith &c.
To all and singular Mayors, Recorders, Customers, Comptrollers, Surueyors, Searchers, all Farmers, Deputies of and within all and singular the Port Townes, Ports, Hauens, and Creekes, within this our Realme of England, and the Dominion of Wales, now being, and that hereafter shall be. And to all and singular our Iustice of the peace, hauing or which shall haue authoritie within the said port Townes, Ports, Hauens, and Creekes, and euery and any of them, for the time being, Greeting.

Whereas, our late dread and Royall Father, King Iames, of happy memorie by his Proclamation dated at Westminster, the ninth of Iuly, in the fifth yeare of his Raigne of Great Britaine, France and Ireland, did straightly prohibite, and forbid all manner of persons being naturall borne Subiects of this our Realme, or any of the Dominions of the same, of what estate or degree soeuer they were, that they or any of them (other then such persons as were excepted, in and by an acte of Parliament made in the fift yeare of the Raigne of King Richard the Second, in the said Proclamation mentioned, and other, then Souldiers, Marchants, Marryners, and their Factors, and Apprentices should not at any time thereafter, without speciall lycence of our said Father, or of any foure or more of his priuy Councell whereof his principall Secretarie for the time being to be one, passe or departed out of our Realme of England, or any the Dom [...]nions of the same Into the Kingdomes, Countryes, Territories, or Dominions of any forraine King Prince of State or Potentate, vpō corporal & their great & heauie paines & penalties, as by the Laws of this our Realme, might be inflicted vpon such as shall offend therein, for their so haynous, and vnnaturall offences, against their naturall Leige Lord, and Country, in that behalfe, As by the said Proclamation, amongst other things morefully and plainly appeareth And our said Father, taking into his consideration, that there were diuers persons, aswell Women and Children vnder the age of one and twenty yeares as others, besides the persons not restrayned by his said proclamation, whereof some had good and necessarie occasions to passe beyond the Seas, who neuerthelesse could not law­fully passe out of the same without such Lycence as in his said Proclamation was appointed in that behalfe. In which cases for euery such of his said Subiects, to obtaine Lycence from our said Father, or foure of his Councell whereof his principall Secretary to be one, was very inconuenient. And that diuers of his Subiects being persons vnknowne, and euill affected to the State of this Kingdome, did oftentimes conuey themselues out of this Realme, into the Ports beyond the Seas, and combine themselues with f [...]raigne Enemies, thereby to make trouble, and disturbance, to our said Father and his people, did by seuerall Commissions vnder his great Seale of England, giue power and authoritie to the Chiefe officers within the Ports of this Kingdome, to administer an Oath vnto such persons as should desire, to goe ouer beyond the Seas, and to examine them, and such as they shall finde to goe ouer, vpon any good or lawfull occasion to allow and s [...]ffer to passe with diuers prouisions therin. Neuerthelesse for the restraint of such as should be suspected, or discouered to be persons, dangerous or fit to be made instruments of desperate attemps, which Commissions haue taken good effect to the purpose to which they were intended. Know yet therefore that wee hauing well weighed the premises, and for the exp [...]dition of such our Subiects, as shall haue good and necessarie occasion to passe into our Realme of Ireland, or into any other place or places elsewhere beyond the Seas And to quit and ease ourselues, and our Priuie Councell, of that continuell suite and trouble, which thereby would happen vnto vs, and them to the hinderance of other our weightie affaires, and also to preuent (as much as wee may) all danger that may happen to vs, or our Estate in the cases aforesaid. And reposing trust and confidence in your fidelities, w [...]sdomes, and circumspections, hauing assigned and appoynted, and by these presents doe assigne and appoint you to be our Comissioners And wee doe hereby giue vnto you, or any two or more of you, full power and authoritie within the seuerall Iurisdictions, Ports, Creekes and Places respectiuely, where you and euery of you, are to execute your seuerall offices and places or to attend from time to tim [...] (except the Ports of London, Douer, Sandwich, Bristoll, Beawmorris, Chester and Leuerpoole.) to m [...]nister an Oath to all & euery person & parsons, as well Women and Childr [...]n v [...]der [...]he age of one and twenty yeares, being of conuenient age to take an Oath, as other Person and Persons, other then the persons not restrayned as aforesaid, as sh [...]ll offer or d [...]si [...]e to goe ouer the Seas, to our said Realme of Ireland, or into any other place or places elsewhere beyond the Seas, at any of the said Ports, Hauens or Creekes, respectiuely as aforesaid (except before excepted) to answere truely to such questions, as you or any two or more of you shall aske of them. And vpon such their Oath to aske & learne of them thei [...] Names and Su [...]ances, the place of their birth and aboad, their state, degree, vocation, trade, mysterie or occupation, and the true cause or causes of their going ouer, toge [...]er with the place or places, whether they intend or are to goe, and the time that they intend, and are lik [...] to stay and tarry before they returne, all other questions that your discretions, accordin [...] to the o [...]asio [...]s [...]ou shall thinke fit All which persons and their answeres in the pointes aforesaid, or what else [...]n your discretions, you shall thinke fit to be demanded of them and the time of their pass [...]ge [...]. We will that you cause an orderly and perfect entry to be made in a Booke, by such Clarke or Clarkes, as we haue nominated and appointed, or shall nomina [...]e and appoi [...]te thereunto vnder our great Seale of England or his or there Deputy or Deputies, whi [...]h booke may be extended vpon all occasions. And wee doe also by these presents giue full power and aut [...]oritie vnto yo [...] or any two or more of you respectiuely, within all and euery the said Ports, Hauens and Creekes, (except before excepted) to tender the Oath mentioned [...] acte o [...] P [...]rl [...]m [...]nt, made in the third yeare of our said late Fathers Raigne of England Scotl [...]nd, France and Ireland, In [...]ituled an acte, for the discouering and repressing of Pop [...]sh re [...]s [...]nts, vnto any such person or persons, as you or any two or more of you in your discretio [...] shall thinke fit, except such persons, as are not restrayned by the said Proclamation, which shall be [...]es [...]us to passe ouer the Seas, into our said Realme of Ireland, or into any other pl [...]ce or places els [...]where, beyond the Seas, at the s [...]id Ports, Ha [...]ens or Creekes respectiuely (except before excepted) vpon which examination so by you or any such two or more o [...] [...] be taken and entred in mann [...]r af [...]resaid, and the said Oath so [...]endered, in case where you or any two or more of yo [...] sh [...]ll thinke it fit, as aforesaid. Such of the said [...]erso [...]s intendi [...] to goe ouer the S [...]a [...] into our said Realme of Ireland, or into any [...]ther place or p [...]aces, els [...]where beyo [...]d the Seas, as [...]ou or any such two or more of yo [...] shall fi [...]de to goe o [...]er, for a [...]y good or lawfull occ [...]sio [...]s, & w [...]ich you sha [...]l no [...] dis [...]ouer, by suc [...] their examinati [...]n or otherwise, or learne to be gentlemen or are nor value, or publikely noted of any disl [...]yal [...]r dangerous action or [...]ff [...]ction, and shall also willi [...]gly take the said Oath, mention [...]d u [...]e said [...]et [...] o [...] Parliament, mad [...] in the said third yeare of our said Fathers Raigne of En [...]la [...]d Scotland, France [...]nd Ireland, in case where you or any two or more of you shall thi [...]ke go [...]d to min [...]ster, the same as afores [...]id you or any such two or more of you, may and shall allow and suff [...]r to passe, and there [...]pon you or a [...]y two or more of you shall sig [...]f [...] v [...]de [...] your hands [...]nd seales the same persons to be allowed to passe ouer the Seas, into our said Realme of Ireland, or into any other pla [...]e or places els [...]w [...]ere beyond t [...]e Seas at [...]ny of the P [...]r [...]s, H [...]uens or Cr [...]ekes respectiuely as aforesaid (except before excepted) of which your said testimonialls, you shall cause to be e [...]tered into the sai [...] Booke, a short R [...]membrance v [...]on which your testi [...]oniall, or t [...]stimonialls so made, these our letters patents shall be vnto the persons themselues So by you or two or more of you, [...]nder such your testimonialls allowed a s [...]ffi [...]ent warrant to passe a [...]d goe ouer the Seas, or any of the said Ports, Hauens or Cre [...]kes aforesaid, (except before excepted.) And [...]o all, and euery the Customers Com [...]o [...]lers and Searchers and ot [...]er Officers of the said Por [...]s, to let them passe there without other Lycence to be had or other entry of the names, of such pass [...]gers by them or any o [...] them to [...]e m [...]de or taken A [...]d to all owne [...]s of Ships, or vessells, to carry and conuey them from thence ouer the Seas. T [...]e said Proclamation, made the ninth of Iuly, in the said first yea [...] o [...] our said Fathe [...]s Raigne of g [...]eat Br [...]ttaine, France and Ireland, or any Statute, Ordinance, Lawes, Proclamations, Restraynt or [...]ther things to the co [...]trary Notwit [...]standing, P [...]ouided neuerthelesse, and our will and pleasure is that such as vpon exami­nation, you or any two or more of you shall find or otherwise Discouer or Suspect, to be Persons dangerous, or fi [...] to be made instruments of desperate Attempts, or which shall refuse to take the said Oath mentioned in the said Act of Parliament made in the said third yeare of O [...]r said Fathers Raigne, when you shall according to your discretions thinke fi [...], to tender the same, to such you shall not onely denie Passage but also commit them to Ward and shall forthwith certifie Our Priuie Counsell of them and all things that you shall vnderstand concerning them. whereupon such directions as you shall receiue from Our said Counsell, Our will is that you doe in all things follow and obserue: Prouided also that if any the Persons so Passing, ouer as aforesaid, shall after his departure out of this Realme, so commit or put t [...] vre, attempt or consent, vnto any act, deuise, plot, or thing against Vs, or any of Our Kingdomes and Dominions, or any Our Lawes or Statutes, that euerie Person so offending shall loose the benefit of this Warrant, and of this Our Letters Patents, and shall to all intents and purposes be taken and adiudged to be as one, that maliciously and contemp [...]uously did P [...]sse, or depart out of this Realme contrarie to the tenor and effect of the said Statute & of the said Proclamation and with­out any Lycence obtained from Vs. And therefore, We doe hereby straightly charge and command, all Masters of Ships or Shippers and other Persons whatsoeuer, that they or any of them, doe not presume or attempt to take into their Ships, Hoyes or other Vessels at any time: from henceforth any Passengers whatsoeuer, to the intent to Passe out of this Realme other then the Persons not restrained or to be Lycenced to Passe according to the said Proclamation, without permission and Warrant of Our said Commissioners or any two or more of them, vn­der their hands, first obtained, as aforesaid, vpon such paines and penalties as may be inflicted vpon the offenders, for contempt of Our Royall command, And to the intent that the Clearke and Clearkes and their Deputies appointed to make, a true and perfect entrie of the Names of Passengers, and other things herein before appointed to be Registred and to keepe a Booke thereof to be extant, according to Our pl [...]asure, herein before declared, may bee the better app [...]oued to be Our faithfull Subiects, and truely to execute their places, in all things as shall be most fit, We, doe hereby ordaine, constitute and appoint, That all and euery the said Clearke and Clearkes and their Deputies, in each seuerall Port of their seuerall attendance, Respectiuely before they or any of them be admitted to the execution of the said Office or place of Clearke, or deputie Clearke shall before two more of Our said Commissioners residing of in or neere that Port respectiuely, where the said Clearke or deputie Clearke shall attend, not onely take the seuerall Oathes of Supremacie and Allegeance, but also shall take a corporall Oath, vpon the holy Euangelist, for the due and faithfull execution of the said Office or place of Clarke, or D [...]puty Clarke of the purport and effect following, viz.

YOu shall diligently attend and faithfully execute the Office or place of Clearke or deputie Clearke (if he be a Deputie) of the Passengers ouer the Sea, whereunto you are appointed in the Port of R. (naming the Port) you shall make and keepe a perfect entrie in a Register Booke, to bee kept of purpose of the names and surnames of all such as shall be Lycenced by the Commissioners, in that behalfe appointed to passe the Seas, with their places of birth and aboad, their state, degree, vocation, trade, mysterie or occupation, and the true cause or causes of their going ouer, together with the place or places whither they intend or are to goe, and the time they are like or intend to returne according as they shall answere the same, vpon Oath before his said Maiesties Commissioners, with the date of their Passes, and such other things as the said Commissioners shall direct you to enter and Register, that the same may be extant vpon all occassions, you shall doe your best endeauour, to discouer and find out all fraude and counterfeiting vsed or attempted, by any Passengers for the concealing of his true Name, qualitie or estate. or occasion or end of his going ouer, and thereof acquaint the said Commissioners, that such suspected Persons may be stayed according to their Commission, you shall not draw vp or make any Passe or Lycence for any Passenger, but such onely as shall bee first examined vpon Oath before the said Commissioners, and haue before them taken the Oath of Allegaence according to the said Commission, nor shall giue any Ticket or Note vnder your hand, to any Searcher, Shipmaster, or other Officer, for the Shipping away of any Passenger, but such onely as shall be first Lycenced and allowed by the said Commissioners, by Passe vnder their hands and in all things else to the said Office belonging Well & duely behaue your selfe as an honest, diligent, and faith­full Officer ought to doe, So helpe you God.

And for the better performance hereof, We doe by these presents giue and graunt vnto you Our said Commissioners, or any two or more of you within or neere the seuerall Ports or Places where you shall be resident, to administer the said Oath to the said Clearkes and their deputies, and euery of them Respectiuely, without any farther or other Warrant or Comm [...]ssion from vs in that behalfe, to behad, procured or obtained. And We also command by Authoritie hereof, all and singular Iustices of Peace, Mayors, Sheriffes, Bayliffes, Constab [...]es, Headboroughes▪ Customers, Comptrollers, Searchers, Surueyors, [...]nd all other our Officers and Ministers, that they and euery of them be diligent, & carefull in the execution of this Our Commission, and to the vttermost of their powers, to cause Our pleasu [...]e herein expressed to be from time to time performed with all conuenient expedition. In witnesse whereof We haue caused these Our Letters to be made Patents,

Per breu. priuato Sigillo, WILLIS.

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