¶ By the King.
¶ A Proclamation commanding the repaire of Noblemen, Knights, and Gentlemen of qualitie, vnto their Mansion houses in the Countrey, there to attend their seruices, and keepe Hospitalitie.

THe Kings most Excellent Maiestie, taking into his Royall considera­tion the present state of the times, together with the great decay of Hospitali­ty & good house-keeping, which in former ages was the honour of this Nati­on, the too frequent resort, and ordinary residence of Lords Spirituall and Temporall, Knights and Gentlemen of quality, vnto Cities and Townes, especially into, or neere about the Cities of London and Westminster, and the manifold inconueniences which ensue by the absence of so many persons of quality and authority from their Countreys, whereby those parts are left destitute both of reliefe and gouernement, and the Cities and Townes, espe­cially those of London and Westminster, are ouerburthened with Inhabitants and R [...]siants, hath thought fit hereby to renew the course formerly begun by His deare Father of blessed memorie, and to publish and declare, and Hee doth hereby publish and declare His Royall will and plea­sure to bee, and doeth by these presents straitly charge and command, aswell His Lords Spiri­tuall and Temporall, as also all deputy Lieutenants, Iustices of the Peace, & Gentlemen of qua­litie, who haue Mansion houses in the Countrey, wherein they and their families haue vsually dwelt, (except such as are of his Highnes Priuie Counsell, or beare Office about the Persons or Courts of Himselfe, or of His dearest Consort the Queene) that they and euery of them, immedi­atly vpon the end of his present moneth of Nouember, depart from the Cities of London and Westminster, and other Cities and places, with their families and seruants, vnto their seuerall Countreys to attend their Seruice there, and to keepe Hospitality, as appertaineth to their degree and calling, and that they, nor any of them, make their abode in any other Cities of Townes, where they shall liue priuately, but resort to their Countrey houses & ordinary places of habitati­on, and there obserue these directions, vpon paine, not onely of his Maiesties most heauy indig­nation and displeasure, and disablement to hold any such places of trust vnder his Maiestie, but also of such further censure and punishment, as may be inflicted vpon them for their disobedience, and contempt or neglect of this his Royal Commandement, wherof, as his Maiestie intendeth to take a strict and seuere account; So He doeth hereby require and command, aswell the Lords, and others of his Priuie Counsell, as also his Attourney generall, and all other his Officers and Ministers, whom it shall any way concerne, to take order, that all such as shall offend, may receiue condigne punishment, without toleration or conniuencie.

God saue the King.

¶ Imprinted at London by BONHAM NORTON and IOHN BILL, Printers to the Kings most Excellent MAIESTIE. M.DC.XXVII.

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