Present • Lo: Keeper. , • Lo: Treasurer. , • Lo: President. , • Lo: Steward. , • Lo: Chamberlaine. , • E: of Suffolke. , • E: of Exeter. , • E: of Dorset. , • E: of Bridgewater. , • E: of Totnes. , • E: of Kellie. , • Lo: Ʋisc. Conwey. , • Bishop of Bath and Wells. , • M. Treasurer. , • M. of the Wards. , • M. Secr. Coke. , • M. Chancelor of the Exchequer. , • M. of the Rolles. , and • M. Chancelour of the Duchie. 

THeir Lordship this day taking into serious consideration, aswell the Letters Patents from His Maiestie to Mathew de Questor, for the constituting of him Post-master, for the conuey­ing of all Letters and Dispatches from hence into forraigne Parts without the Kings Domi­nions; as likewise well weighing that the due ordering and gouerning of the same, was very considerable, in relation to His Maiesties Seruice and reason of State, especially as the condi­tion of affaires now stand, both at home and abroad; and knowing well that most of the Forraigne Posts were heretofore well setled, by the labour and industrie of the said de Questor, did thinke fit and order, that he being a person well approoued of for his experience, fidelity, and industrie, for diuers yeeres together in the discharge of the said imployment, should bee continued and quietly established in the execution of the same, according to his said Letters Patents. And vpon reuiew now taken of their Order, of the two and twentieth of Nouember 1626. wherein liberty was giuen, as well to all other Companies of Merchants, as to the Merchants Aduenturers, to send their Letters and Dispatches by Messengers of their owne choosing;

Their Lordships vpon weightie reason of State, doe heereby reuoke and annull the said Order, and doe giue liberty onely to the Companie of the Merchants Aduenturers (and not to any other Companies of Merchants) to conuey their owne Letters and Dispatches onely by a Messenger of their owne choosing into Forraigne Parts, viz. to the City of Hamborgh and Towne of Delph, where the Staples of Cloth are now setled, or to such other place or places whither the same shall heereafter happen to bee remooued: Which Messenger is likewise to enter into sufficient Bond with good sureties, to His Maiesties vse, to bee taken by the Clarke of the Councell attendant, not to carry or conuey any other Letters, but those onely which concerne the said Companie of Merchant Aduenturers.

And that the said Messenger shall not keepe any publike Office, or hang vp any Tables, or weare any Badge which are the Characters and Markes of a publike Post-master, and which are to bee allowed onely to the said Matthew de Questor, as being Post-master Generall for foreigne Dispatches, by approbation of the State, and Letters Patents from His Maiestie, as aforesaid.

And it is further heereby thought fit, and ordered, that all other Companies of Merchants, and euery of them, shall send their Letters and Dispatches by the said Matthew de Questor onely, as heretofore they haue been accustomed; Heereof as well the said Merchants Aduenturers, and all other Companies of Merchants, and euery of them, are to take knowledge, and to conforme themselues, as they will answere the contrary at their perils.

Prouided neuerthelesse, according to the aforesaid Order of the two and twentieth of Nouember last, that the said Companie of Merchant Aduenturers, doe acquaint His Maiesties Secretaries of State, from time to time, what person they shall make choice of to bee their Messenger, that in case they shall finde iust cause to except against the choyce made by the said Company, that then the Company should proceed to the election of such other as may bee with­out exception. And prouided also, that in times of Warre, and danger to the State, the said Company of Merchant Aduenturers, and all other Companies of Merchants, doe acquaint the Secretaries of State, from time to time (if they shall require it) with their said Letters and Dispatches into foreine parts.

¶ Imprinted at London by Bonham Norton, and Iohn Bill, Printers to the Kings most Excellent Maiestie. 1627.

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