A Proclamation against vniust pretences for colou­ring of French goods, taken by way of Reprize.

WHereas Wee haue been inforced, for diuers weighty and impor­tant reasons, to take the Shippes and goods of the French King and his Subiects, either by Our owne Ships, or by the Ships of Our Subiects, authorized by Letters of Marque; and whereas Wee haue giuen authority to diuers persons of quality, by commission vnder the Seale of Our Court of Admiralty, to make sale of the goods & Mer­chandizes, which haue been, or shall be so taken to our vse, for Our best profit, wherein notwithstanding, Our purpose is, and Wee haue so expressed and declared Our meaning to bee, that all iust proceedings shall be held, that vnder colour of the goods of the French King, or his Subiects, the Goods, Merchandizes, or Ships of Our own Subiects, or of any of Our Friends or Allyes, should not be sold or disposed of, or if they bee Bona peritura, either in their nature, or va­lues, and so are fittest to be presently put to sale, yet the proceed thereof shall be iustly accounted for, and restored to the true owners thereof, when their Rights shall appeare vpon due examinati­on in Our Court of Admiraltie; Forasmuch as it falleth out very often, that sometimes Our owne Subiects, and sometimes strangers, are contented for the hope of gaine, or for other sini­ster respects, to make pretences and claimes to those Goods, or part thereof, to the great wrong of Vs and Our Subiects, who haue taken and brought in the same, and to the defrauding and deluding of Iustice; Wee, by the aduice of Our Priuy Counsell, haue thought fit to giue a gene­rall admonition and warning, to all persons of what degree or quality soeuer, whom it may con­cerne, that they, nor any of them, doe from hencefoorth dare aduenture to raise, or to maintaine, or defend such vniust claimes or pretences hereafter: And therefore Wee doe hereby publish and declare Our Royall pleasure to bee, and doe hereby will and command, that no person whatso­euer presume hereafter to offend herein.

And Wee do hereby further publish and declare Our will and Command to be, that if any of Our owne Subiects, or any other, being, or residing within any of Our owne Dominions shall hereafter offend in any point, against the true intention of this our Proclamation, euery such offen­dor shall incurre Our heauy indignation, & that Our Attourney generall now, & for the time be­ing, shall proceede against them in Our high Court of Starre-chamber, as persons offending against publike Iustice, and contemners of this Our Proclamation and Royall pleasure; and if any attestations shall be brought from any State, Citie, Towne, or Person in forraigne parts, to colour any such Goods vnduely, and the same shall in due course of Iustice be discouered and pro­ued, Wee are resolued so farre to vndervalue the reputation of that State, Citie, Towne, & Per­son, that neither We Our selues, nor Our Courts of Iustice, shall at any time after giue any credit to the testimony or attestation of those, who haue once endeauoured in that manner to defraud or abuse Vs or Our people.

God saue the King.

❧ Imprinted at London by BONHAM NORTON and IOHN BILL, Printers to the Kings most Excellent Maiestie. MDC.XXVII.

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