A Proclamation for the explaining of a former Pro­clamation lately published, intituled a Proclamation prohibiting the importation of any goods or merchandize whatsoeuer, in any French Shippes or Bottomes.

WHereas by the aduice of Our Priuy Councell We declared Our Royall pleasure by our Proclamation bearing date the eight and twen­tieth day of Aprill now last past, that no goods, merchandize or commo­dities whatsoeuer; of what condition or nature soeuer, should at any time, or times, then after be brought or unported into any of our Realms or Dominions, or any Hauen, Port, or Creeke of the same in any Shippe, Bottome, or Vessell of or belonging to the French King: or any his Subiects, vntill Our pleasure should bee further published and made knowne to the contrary: vpon such paines and penalties as in and by the said Proclamation are contained and expressed, as by the said Pro­clamation, it doth and may more at large appeare.

Now least there should be any euasion vsed, to frustrate the intention of the said Proclamation, and of Our Royall pleasure and commannd thereby declared, or any ambiguity in the true vnder­standing thereof, We doe hereby, by the like aduise of Our Priuy Counsell, will and command, and declare Our Royall pleasure to bee; That all goods and merchandize whatsoeuer, of what condition or nature soeuer, which at any time hereafter, (vntill Our will and plea­sure shall be published to the contrary) shall be found or taken, in any Port, Hauen, or Creeke, or vp­on the Sea or any Riuer, in any Shippe, Bottome, or vessell; of or belonging to the French King or any of his Subiects directly, or indirectly, to whomsoeuer the saide goods or merchandize doe or shall belong, shall be forfeited and confiscated vnto Vs: and as forfeited and confiscate, shall be seised to Our vse.

Neuerthelesse, Our will and pleasure is that if any such Shippe, Bottome, or Vessell be taken or seised as prize by any of Our Subiects, or others by vertue of Letters of Marque, obtained from Vs, or Our Admirall of England, that in such cases the goods and merchandize which shalbe found and taken in euery such Shippe, Bottome, or Vessell, shall be of the same condition to all intents, and purposes, and as lawfull prize, as the Shippe, Bottome, or Vessell in which they are found and taken ought to be, as if this Proclamation, had not beene made; of which our Royall pleasure, all Our Officers and louing Subiects, and all others whom it may, or shall concerne, are to take notice at their perills.

God saue the King.

Imprinted at London by Bonham Norton and Iohn Bill, Printers to the Kings most excellent Maiestie. M.D.C.XXVII.

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