A Proclamation prohibiting the Importation of any Goods or Merchandize whatsoeuer, in any French Shippes or Bottomes.

HAuing duely considered and weighed the present State of Af­fayres, as they now stand betweene Vs and Our Brother of France, and Our Subiects, and foreseeing the many inconueniences which would follow to Vs and Our people, if the Merchandize of that Kingdome, or of any other, should be imported into any of Our King­domes or Dominions, in, or by any French Ships or Bottomes, We haue therfore thought fit, by the Aduice of the whole body of Our Pri­uie Counsell, vtterly to forbid and prohibite the same. Our will and pleasure therefore is, and Wee doe hereby publish and declare Our Royall Command to be, that no Goods, Merchandize, or Commo­dities whatsoeuer, of what condition or nature soeuer, shall at any time or times hereafter, bee brought, or imported, into any of Our Realmes or Dominions, or any Hauen, Port, or Creeke of the same, in any Ship, Bottome, or Vessell of, or belonging to the French King, or any his Subiects, vntill Our pleasure shall be otherwise published and made knowen to the contrary:

And if any person or persons whatsoeuer, shall presume to offend or transgresse Our Com­mandement and Royall pleasure herein, that then all such goods and Merchadize, to whomso­euer the same shall belong, shalbe forfeited and confiscated vnto Vs, and as forfeited shal bee seized and conuerted to Our vse: and heereof Wee will that all Our louing Subiects, and all others whom it may concerne, doe take notice at their perill, and to that end Wee doe hereby straitly charge and commaund, aswell Our high Admirall of England, and all and euery the officers of Our Admiralty, as also all and sigular Our Customers, Comptrollers, Searchers and Way­ters in all and euery the Ports, Hauens and Creekes of this Our Realme of England, Domi­nion of Wales, and Towne of Berwicke, that they and euery of them in the seuerall places of their seuerall authorities, take speciall care to see this Our Royall pleasure and Commaunde­ment put in due execution, as they tender Our pleasure and will auoyd the contrary at their vtmost perils.

God saue the King.

¶ Imprinted at London by BONHAM NORTON and IOHN BILL, Printers to the Kings most Excellent MAIESTIE. M.DC.XXVII.

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