¶ A Proclamation for the better ordering of those who repayre to the Court, for their cure of the disease called the Kings Euill.

WHereas by the grace and blessing of God, the Kings and Queenes of this Realme, by many ages past, haue had the happinesse, by their sacred touch and inuocation of the Name of God, to cure those, who are afflicted with the disease called the Kings Euill; And his now most Excellent Maiestie, in no lesse measure then any of his Royall predeces­sors, hath had good successe herein, and in his most gracious and pious disposition is as ready and willing, as any King or Queene of this Realme euer was, in any thing to relieue the distresses and necessities of his good Subiects; Yet in his Princely wisedome foreseeing that in this, (as in all other things) order is to be obserued, and fit times are necessarily to be appointed for the performing of this great worke of charitie: His most excellent Maiestie doth hereby publish and declare his Royall will & pleasure to bee, That whereas here­tofore, the vsuall times of presenting such persons to his Maiesty for this purpose, were Easter and Whitsuntide, That from henceforth the times shall bee Easter and Michaelmas, as times more conuenient, both for the temperature of the season, and in respect of any contagion, which may hap­pen in this neere accesse to his Maiesties sacred Person. And his Maiestie doth accordingly will and command, That from the time of publishing this Proclamation, none presume to repayre to his Maiesties Royall Court to bee healed of that disease, before the Feast of S. Michael now next comming. And his Maiestie doeth further will and command, That all such as hereafter shall come or repayre to the Court for this purpose, shall bring with them Certificates vnder the hands of the Parson, Uicar, or Minister and Church wardens of those seuerall parishes where they dwell, and from whence they come, testifying according to the trueth, that they haue not any time before bene touched by the King, to the intent to be healed of that disease. And his Maiestie doth straitly charge all Iustices of the Peace, Constables and other officers, That they doe not suffer any to passe, but such as haue such Certificates, vpon paine of his Maiesties displeasure. And to the end that all his louing Subiects may the better take knowledge of this his Maiesties pleasure and command, His will is, that this Proclamation be published, and affixed in some open place in euery Market Towne of this Realme.

God saue the King.

¶ Imprinted at London by Bonham Norton and Iohn Bill, Printers to the Kings most Excellent Maiestie. 1626.

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