❧ By the King.
A Proclamation for a generall and publike Thankes­giuing to Almighty God, for his great mercy in staying his hand, and asswaging the late fearefull Visitation of the Plague.

WHereas the Kings most Excellent Maiesty, vpon the fearefull increase, and spreading of the late Infection of the Plague, in the Im­perial City of this Kingdome, and places adiacent, and from thence in the more remote places of the Land, out of his most Religious consi­deration of the immediate hand of God therein, did command, that all his people throughout this whole Realme, should by fasting & prayer humble themselues vnto Almighty God, and by their true repentance and humiliation seeke to diuert his wrath, and fearefull Visitation. And his Maiesty himselfe in His owne Person did giue a memorable example thereof to all his people, Which Religious duety, being accor­dingly obserued, and for diuers moneths continued, it hath pleased God of his abundant mercie and goodnesse to stay his hand, and beyond the policie and hopes of man, to withdraw his Rod, and almost wholly to remoue the same.

Now the Kings Maiestie, with all possible Thankes, acknowledging the gracious mercie of the Diuine Maiestie, towards Himselfe and His people, and acknowledging also, that they are not worthy of future fauours, who are not truly thankful for benefits already receiued, Hath thought fit, that, by His Royall authority, there should be a generall and publike Thankesgiuing to God throughout this whole Kingdome, for so great & gracious a deliuerance. And therefore He doth hereby command, and publish His Royal pleasure to be, That vpon Sunday, the nine & twentieth of this present moneth of Ianuary, in, and throughout the Cities of London and Westminster, and places adiacent; And vpon the nineteenth day of February next, in all other places of this Realme, there shall be celebrated a publike Thankesgiuing to God for this so great mercie.

The manner and forme whereof, shall be directed by a small Booke, which shall to that pur­pose be composed by the Reuerend Bishops, by His Maiesties expresse direction, and by them shal be sent and dispersed through their seuerall Diocesse; Whereof His Maiesties pleasure is, that all His louing Subiects shall take notice, and religiously, with that deuotion which appertaineth to so pious a Worke, shall solemnize the same.

God saue the King.

¶ Imprinted at London by Bonham Norton and Iohn Bill, Printers to the Kings most Excellent Maiestie. M.DC.XXV.

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