A Proclamation for the calling home of all such His Maiesties Subiects as are now imployed either by Sea, or Land, in the seruices of the Emperour, the King of Spaine, or the Archduches.

HIS most Excellent Maiestie hauing receiued certaine informati­on, that very many of the naturall borne Subiects, of, and in His Highnesse owne Realme and Dominions, haue in these many yeeres of peace at home, vnder the Reigne of His most deare Fa­ther, of euer blessed memory, deceased, trauailed abroad, and be­taken themselues to the seruice of the Emperour, the King of Spaine, and the Archduches of the Low Countreys, some by Sea, and some by Land, and in, or vnder their seruice yet continue: And in his Royall wisedome and prouidence foreseeing, that if his Maiestie Himselfe should haue occasion to imploy His owne Subiects in his Seruice in any warre, either defensiue, or offensiue, by Land or by Sea, it will be most proper for such his Subiects to be recalled home, and to be imployed vnder their owne. Souereigne, and that it should be most improper and vnnaturall, that His owne naturall borne Subiects should vpon any occasion or any accident draw their swords one against the other, or any of them against their owne Liege Lord and King: His Maiesty therefore, by the aduice of His Priuy Councell, doth hereby straightly charge and command all his naturall borne Sub­iects, of what Nation, quality, or degree soeuer, who are now in seruice or vnder the pay of the Emperour, the King of Spaine, or the Archduches of the Low Countreys, in any place wheresoeuer, that within forty dayes after the publishing of this Proclamation, if possibly they may, or within as short time after as possibly they can, they and euery of them, returne and retire themselues into their natiue Countreys, and there Register their names, with one of the Secretaries of Estate, in such of His Maiesties Realmes and Dominions respec­tiuely, whither they are returned; where they shall be receiued as good and dutifull Sub­iects ought to be, and be imployed as there shall be occasion, according to their seuerall qualities; and that they, nor any of them faile herein, vpon paine of His Maiesties High­nesse displeasure, and to be reputed enemies to His Maiesty, and to the State, and vpon paine of the vttermost penalties, and forfeitures, which by Law they may incurre, for con­temning or neglecting his Maiesties Royall pleasure and command in this behalfe.

God saue the King.

¶ Printed at Oxford by I.L and W.T. for BONHAM NORTON, and IOHN BILL, Printers to the Kings most Excellent Maiestie. M.DC.XXV.

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