A Proclamation prohibiting the keeping of Bartholomew Faire, and Sturbridge Faire.

THE Kings most Excellent Maiestie out of his Princely and Chri­stian care of his louing Subiects, that no good meanes of proui­dence may be neglected to stay the further spreading of the great infection of the Plague, doth finde it necessary to preuent all occa­sions of publike concourse of His people for the present, till it shall please Almighty God of his goodnesse, to cease the violence of the contagion, which is very farre dispersed into many parts of the Kingdome already. And therefore remembring that there are at hand two Faires of speciall note, vnto which there is vsually extraordinary resort out of all parts of the Kingdome. The one kept in Smithfield neere the Citie of London, called Bartholomew Faire: and the other neere Cambridge, called Sturbridge Faire. The holding whereof at the vsuall times would in all likelihood be the occasion of further danger and infection to other parts of the Land, which yet by Gods mercy stand cleere and free. Hath with the aduice of his Maiesties Priuy Councell, thought good by this open declaration of his pleasure, and necessary commandement, not only to admonish and require all his louing Subiects to forbeare to resort for this time to either of the said two Faires, or to any other Faires within fifty miles of the said City of London, but also to inioyne the Lords of the said Faires, and others interessed in them, or any of them, that they all forbeare to hold the said Faires, or any thing appereaining to them at the times accustomed, or at any other time, till by Gods goodnesse and mercy the infection of the plague shall cease, or be so much diminished, that his Maiestie shall giue order for hol­ding them, vpon paine of such punishment, as for a contempt, so much concerning the vniuersall safety of his people, they shalbe adiudged to deserue, which they must expect to be inflicted with all seuerity, his Maiesties desire being so intentiue for preuenting the generall infection threatned, as he is resolued to spare no man that shall be the cause of dispersing the same. And to that purpose doth hereby further charge and inioyne vnder like penalty, all Citizens, and Inhabitants of the said City of London, that none of them shall repaire to any Faire held within any part of this Kingdome, vntil it shall please God to cease the infection now reigning amongst them, his Maiesties intention being, and so hereby declaring himselfe, that no Lord of any Faires, or others interessed in the profits therof, shall by this necessary and temporary restraint receiue any preiudice in the right of his, or their Faires, or liberties thereunto belonging, any thing before mentioned notwithstanding.

God saue the King.

Printed at Oxford by I.L. and W.T. for Bonham Norton and Iohn Bill, Printers to the Kings most Excellent Maiestie. 1625.

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