❧ By the King.
❧ A Proclamation for restraint of vnne­cessarie resorts to the Court.

FOr that the Infection of the Plague weekly increaseth, and is much dispersed, aswell within the Cities of London and Westminster, as in the Suburbes and Confines thereof; His Maiestie hath, by the ad­uice of his Priuie Councell, thought fit for the more safetie of himselft, and of the Queenes Maiestie, and of such Lords and Ladies of Ho­nour, & others, that necessarily are to attend at Court, to withdraw himselfe from Whitehall, to some other of his ordinarie Houses of ac­cesse, so farre remote from the said Cities, as the necessarie occasions of his important affaires will conueniently adunt: Therefore to auoid vnnecessarie resort to the Court, of people dwelling in, or neere any places infected; His Maiesty doeth straitly charge and command, that no person, or persons whatsoeuer, doe presume to come from London, or Westminster, or the Suburbes, or Confines of the same, or from any other Towne, or Parish, that is, or shall be infected with the Plague, vn­to his Maiesties Court, Wheresoeuer the same shall happen to bee, or to the Towne, or Parish where his Maiestie, or the Queene shall bee resident, or make their abode, or wherein his Ma­iesties said houses of accesse are situate, nor newly to make any houses for their habitation in those Townes, Parishes, or places, specially not within the Townes of Hampton, Kingston, Windsor, Eaton, Richmond, Nonesuch, Ewell, Otelands, Chertsey, or Weybridge, or in any of the Townes, or Villages that lie in the passages to Hampton Court, Windsor, Otelands, Nonesuch, or Richmond, or any of them, or bordering or adioyning vpon the same, vpon paine of his Maiesties heauy indigna­tion, and the seuerest punishments that may be inflicted vpon them, for their contempt & disobedi­ence against this his Maiesties Royall and most necessary Commandement; Straitly charging and commanding all and singuler Iustices of the Peace, to take strict order with all Constables, Pettie-Constables, and other Officers of the Townes and Parishes, through which the sayd Passengers are to trauaile, that they suffer no person or persons to come to the Court, Parishes, or places aforesaid, or remaine or abide there, contrary his Maiesties Royal Commandement, but to cause them to returne backe, till it shall please God to asswage the present violence of the Infection, and the great danger thereby threatned, as they, and euery of them tender his Maie­sties pleasure and safety, and the discharge of their owne dueties, and will answere for their neglects therein at their vttermost perils.

God saue the King.

¶ Printed at London by Bonham Norton and Iohn Bill, Printers to the Kings most Excellent Maiestie. M.DC.XXV.

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