¶ The effect of certaine branches of the Statute made in Anno 33. Henrici viij. touching the maintenance of Artillery, and the punishment of such as vse vnlawfull Games, very necessary to be put in execution.

FIrst, that all fathers, gouernours, and rulers of such as be tender of age, doe teach and bring them vp in the knowledge of Shooting, and that euery man hauing a man childe, or men children in his house, shall prouide, ordaine, and haue in his house for euery man child, being of the age of seuen yeeres and aboue, till hee shall come to the age of suenteene yeeres, a Bow and two shafts, to induce and learne them, and bring them vp in Shooting, and shall deliuer all the same Bow and Arrowes to the same yong men to vse and occupy. And if the same yong men bee seruants, that then their master shall abate the money that they shall pay for the same Bowes and Arrowes of their wages. And after all such yong men shall come to the age of seuen­teene yeeres, euery of them shall prouide and haue a Bow and foure Arrowes continually for himselfe, at his pro­per cost and charges, or else of the gift or prouision of his friends, and vse and occupie the same in Shooting, as is before rehearsed. And if the master suffer any of his seruants taking wages, being in his houshold, and vnder the age of seuenteene yeeres, to lacke a Bow and two Arrowes, contrary to the forme of this estatute, by the space of one moneth together, then the master or father in whom such negligence shall be, shall for euery such de­fault forfeit vi.s. viii.d. And that euery seruant passing the age of seuenteene yeeres, and vnder the age of three­score yeeres, and taking wages, which can, or is able to Shoot, and shall lacke a Bow and foure Arrowes by the space of one moneth together, shall for euery such default forfeit and lose vi.s. viii.d.

ITem, that no person by himselfe, Factor, Deputy seruant, or other peson, shall for his or their gaine, lucre, or liuing, keepe, haue, hold, occupy, exercise, or maintaine any common house, Alley, or place of Bowling, Coiting Cloise, Coiles, halfe bowle, Tennis, Dicing, Table, or Carding, or any other maner of Game, prohibited by any Statute heetofore made, or any vnlawfull new game now inuented or made, or hereafter to be inuented, found, had, or made, vpon paine to forfeit and pay for euery day keeping, hauing, maintaining, or suffering any such game to be had, kept, executed, played, or maintained within any such House, Garden, Alley, or other place, con­trary to the forme and effect of this estatute, xl.s. and the players so taken, to pay for euery time vi.s. vii.d.

ITem, That the Iustices of Peace, and euery Maior, Sheriffe, Bailiffe, Constable, or other head Officer, haue authoritie to enter into all places, aswell within Franchises or else where, and the persons offending in any of the premisses, to take and put in prison, vntill such time they put in Suerties no more to suffer, occupy, or commit the sayd offences.

ITem, That all Maiors, Sheriffes, Bayliffes, Constalbes, and other head Officers within euery City, Bo­rough, and Towne within this Realme, where any such Officers shall fortune to be, aswell within the Fran­chises as without, shall make due search weekely, or at the furthest at all times hereafter once euery Moneth in all places, where any such Houses, Alleys, Play or Players shall be suspected to be had, kept, and maintained. And if the said Maiors, Sheriffes, Bayliffes, Constables, and other head Officers, within their Cities, Boroughs, and Townes, aswell within Franchises as without, doe not make due search at the furthest once euery Mo­neth, if the case so require, according to the tenor of this Acte, and doe not execute the same in all things, accor­ding to the purport and force of the same: that then euery such Maior, Sheriffes, Bayliffes, Constables, or other head Officer, to pay and forfeit for euery Moneth not making such search, nor executing the same, xl.s.

ITem, That no Artisicer, or handicrafts man of any occupation, Husbandman, Apprentice, Labourer, seruant of Husbandry, Iourney man, or seruant, or Artificer, Mariner, Fisherman, Waterman, or any Seruing man, may vse any vnlawfull Game.

ITem, That all that play at Bowles, or any other vnlawfull Game in the fields, to lose for euery such time vi.s. viii.d. and to be committed to prison, vnto such time they put in Sureties no more to vse the same.

ITem, This Statute to bee proclaimed foure times euery yeere, and the like to be done in all Assises and Sessi­ons, and to continue for euer.

MEmorandum, That there is a prouiso in this Statute for all men of worship, which may dispend one hun­dred pounds yeerely and vpwards, may vse these games with discretion at their pleasures.

God saue the King.

¶ Imprinted at London by Bonham Norton and Iohn Bill, Printers to the Kings most Excellent Maiestie. M.DC.XXV.

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