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JAMES, By the grace of God, king of England, Scotland, France, and Ireland, Defender of the Faith, &c.
TO ALL and singuler Archbishops, Bishops, Archdea­cons, Deanes and their Officals, Parsons, Vicars, Curates, and to all Spi­rituall persons. And also t [...] all Justices of Peace, Mayors, Sheriffes, Bai­liffes, Constables, Churchwardens, and Head-boroughes, And to all Officers of Citties, Boroughes, and Townes coporate, And to all other our Officers, Ministers, and Subjects whatsoeuer they be, aswell within Liberties as without, to whom these presents shall come, greeting.

WHEREAS Wee are credibly giuen to vnderstand, aswell by the humble Supplication and Petition of our poore distressed Subjects Amy Lynsteed Widow, the late wife of William Lynsteed, & Ioane the wife of Robert Morse, both of Shadwell in the Parish of Stepney, in the County of Middlesex Marrinors: As also by a Certificate vnder the hands of our true and loyall Subjects, Robert Salmon now Ma [...]er of the Trinity House of Deptford Strand in our County of Kent, and others the Wardens and Assistants of the said House, being also subscribed by the Churchwardens and other the Inhabitants of Stepney aforesaid: That the said William Lynsteed went Masters Mate in the good Ship called the Prudence of London, whereof Iohn Chester was then Master, in his vnfortunate Voyage into the Straights, wherein the said William Lynsteed aduenturing his whole estate of the value of Foure hundred pounds and vpwards, was with the said Ship and all the Company in her in January, 1621. spoyled and burnt by those miscreant Sea robbers the Turkes, whereby our said poore Subiect Amy Lynsteed did not onely loose her Husbands life, but also all their meanes which her said Husband had with him in the said Ship: And that the said Robert Morse being Boatswaine of the good Ship called the Anne of North Yarmouth, whereof Abraham Wheeler was then Master and bound on a Voyage for Lisbone, was about the moneth of February, 1622. taken in the said Ship by those cruell Infidels the Turkes, whereby the said Robert Morse was not onely depriued of all his estate that he then aduentured with him in that Ship, amounting to the summe of Two hundred pounds and vpwards, but also of his liberty being carryed to Argier, where he is de­teyned a Captiue in great slauery and misery amongst those inhumane Creatures; from which place of Bondage the said Robert Morse cannot be released without the payment of [...]at summe for his Ransome, which his poore wife hauing a great charge of small Children is no wayes able to procute, so that the poore Captine hauing already indured intollerable misery vnder those unmercifull Pagans, is likely there to end his wofull dayes and to leaue his Wife and small Child for to the wide world, and that the said poore Widdow Amy Lynsteed is vtterly impouerished and disabled to releeue her selfe and her charge of small Children, which her said deceased Husband left vpon her hands, so that they are all exposed to extreame want and much sorrow, vnlesse some charitable course be forthwith taken for their reliefs herein, whose most lamentable and deiected e [...]tate is much to be pittyed. And therefore we haue thought good to commend the same to the charitable comsideration of all our louing & well disposed Subjects, aswell within our foresaid County of Middlesex, as in certaine other Counties and places hereafter mentioned, not doubting but that all good Christians well weighing the premises, will be ready and willing as feeling members one of anothers miseries, to extend their liberall and chearefull contributions towards the reliefe and comfort of poore distressed Christians in this their great necessity.

KNOWE yee therefore, that of Our especiall Grace and Princely compassion, Wée haue giuen and granted, and by these our Letters Patents doe giue and graunt vnto our said poore Subiects Amy Linsteed, and Ioane Morse, and to their Deputy and Deputies, the bearer or bearers hereof, full power, Licence and Authority, to aske, gather, receiue and take the Almes and charitable beneuolence of all our louing Subiects whatsoeuer, Inhabiting within our Citie of London, with the Suburbes and Liberties thereof, and in our Counties of Middle­sex, Hertford, and Essex. And in all Townes corporate, Priuiledged places, Parishes, Villages, and in all other places whatsoeuer within our said Counties, and not else where, for and towards the recouery of the said Losses, the redeeming of the said Robert Morse from the Turkes, and the reliefe and maintenance of themselues and Children.

WHEREFORE Wee will & command you and euery of you, the High Constable of euery Hundred within any of our foresaid Counties, that at such time & times as the said Amy Lynsteed, and Ioane Morse, or their Deputy or Deputies, the bearer or bearers hereof, shall come & repaire vnto you or any of you, with these our Letters Patents vnder our great Seale of England, that foorthwith vpon sight thereof, you receiue the Briefes of these our Letters Patents, and deliuer them or cause them to be deliuered to the Minister or one of the Churchwardens of euery Parish within your seuerall Hundreds, to be published by the said Minister of euery such Parish the next Sab­both day after the receipt thereof if with conueniency if may be done, otherwise the next Sabboth day following, without further delay, And you the said Parsons, Vicars, and Curats, for the better stirring vp or a charitable deuotion, deliberately to publish and declare the Te­nor of these our Letters Patents or the Briefe thereof, in your Parish Church vnto all our louing Subjécts within the time before prefix­ed, and that when no other Collection shall be made for any other person at all. Exhorting and perswading them to extend their liberall con­tributions in so good and charitable a deed. And you the Churchwardens of euery Parish where such Collections are to be made (as afore­said) shall immediately after the publishing of these our Letters Patents or the Briefe thereof, carefully Collect and gather from seate to seate the charitable beneuolence of all our louing Subjects, as well Strangers as others, And what shall be by you so gathered, to be by the Minister and your selues endorsed on the backside of the Briefe, vnder your hands in words at length and not in figures, and the summe or summes of money so gathered and endorsed together with the Briefes, you the Churchwardens or petty Constable of euery Parish within our foresaid Counties, aswell in euery City and Towne corporate as else where, shall returns vnto the next High Constable within one weeke after the collection. And you the High Constables, to deliuer all and euery the said monyes and Briefes vnto our said poore Subjects Amy Lynsteed, and Ioane Morse, and to their Deputy or Deputies, the bearer or bearer hereof, when as thereunto you shall be required. And lastly, whereas we are enforined of the great abuse which is now crept in amongst these poore peole, who sell their Licences vnto some other person, whereby mens charity goeth not the right way, but vnto such as deferne it least, That from henceforth our will & pleasure is, that if it may appeare vnto you, or any of you that the said Amy Lynsteed, & Ioane Morse, have contracted any bargain, or made, or shall make sale of these our Letters Patents, whereby benefit shall passe from them to any other person, That thereupon these our Letters Patents shalbe voide and of none effect. Any Statute, Law, Ordinance, or Prouision heretofore made to the contrary in any wise notwithstanding.

In witnesse whereof, Wee haue caused these our Letters to be made Patents for the space of one whole yeare, next after the date here­of to endure.


God saue the King.

Printed by Edward Allde.

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