An Abstract of His Maiesties Royall Priuiledge, Graunted vnder the Great Seale of ENGLAND, to GEORGE VVITHER Master of Arts, concerning his Booke intituled, The Hymnes and Songs of the Church.

WHEREAS the Kings most excellent Maiestie, hauing perused and taken particular notice of the said Booke, conceiueth the same, tending to the glory of God, and helpefull towards the encrease of Christian knowledge and Deuotion in His Dominions: It hath please His Maiestie in con­sideration thereof (and to recompence, and to encourage the said George Wither in pious endea­uours) by His Letters Patents, bearing Date the 17. of. February, in the twentieth yeare of His Raigne of England, &c. to Graut vnto the said George Wither, during the Terme of 51. yeares, full Licence and Authoritie to imprint the said Booke, either with, or without Arguments and Musi­call notes (and to vtter and sell the same in any of His Dominions:) with a prohibition also, that no other whosoeuer, shall directly nor indirectly in place Priuiledged or not Priuilei ged, within His Maiesties Dominons, imprint du­ring the said Terme, or transport from beyond the Seas the said Booke or any part thereof; nor vtter, put to Sale, or dispose of any of the said Bookes so imprinted or transported, on paine of His Maiesties heauy displeasure, and such paines, penalties, and imprisonments, as by the Lawes of this Kingdome may be inflicted on the offenders for con­temning and disobeying of His Maiesties Prerogatiue Royall; And vpon the penaltie of forfeiting all such Booke and Bookes, &c. and forty shillings for euery Booke, &c.

Moreouer, that the said Booke might be the more conueniently dispersed, for the instruction and priuate deuotion of His Maiesties louing subiects; It hath pleased His Highnesse to command also in the same Letters Patents, that no English Psalme-Booke in Meeter, shall be bound vp alone, or with any other Booke or Bookes, vnlesse the said Hymnes and Song of the Church be annexed thereunto, after the said Booke is imprinted to that purpose; vpon paine of forfei­ting all Bookes so bound vp, &c. And for the better execution of the said Graunt, the said George Wither or his As­signes, &c. are authorised, taking with him or them a lawfull Officer, to enter into such Dwellings, Shops, and Warehouses, &c. wherein they shall suspect any offence made contrary to the said Graunt, and to take, ceaze, and car­ry away, &c. all Bookes imprinted or bound vp contrary to the meaning of the said Letters Patents, &c. And the Masters, Wardens, &c. of the Company of Stationers are commanded also to be assistant in the execution of the said Graunt, as appeareth more at large in the said Letters Patents, among other Grations Priuiledges vouchsafed.

The Hymnes aforenamed, are to be sold at the Signe of the Blew Anchor in Saint Paules Churchyard, ouer against Saint Gregoies Church, and in these seuerall Volumes following;

  • In folio Roman.
  • In quarto Pica.
  • In quarto Breuier common.
  • In quarto Breuier English.
  • In octauo Middleborough.
  • In octauo Nonparel.
  • In octauo common.
  • In twelues for Bibles.
  • In sixteene Middleborough.
  • In sixteene common.
  • In 24.
  • In 32.

God saue the King.

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