❧ By the King. ¶ A Proclamation for the due making and sizing of Bricke.

THE Kings most Excellent Maiestie, shortly after His first happy entrance into this kingdome, taking into His Royall consideration the great decay and con­sumption of Timber, and the necessity of preseruation thereof, for most necessary vses, and especially for the shipping and Nauy of this Realme, (an especiall part of the defence and safety of the same) and that in the very City of London (being the principall City of this kingdome, and His Ma­iesties Royall Chamber, whereunto, not onely the Noblemen and Gentry of this Realme, but also the States, Ambassadours, and others of forren Nations doe continually resort) for want of sufficient Timber, they were dayly driuen to build with Beech, and other like kinde of Timber of small continuance (which in time, if the same were not preuented, would turne to the perill and decay of the same Citie) did propose vnto himselfe, and resolue of a course of building with Bricke, in, and neere the sayd Citie of London, foreseeing the good euent that would ensue there­vpon. And to that purpose sithence, hath published diue [...]s Proclamations, and granted diuers Com­missions to some of the Lords of his Priuie Counsell and others (by time and experience found ne­cessary) for the better ordering and effecting that so worthy a worke; whose care and endeuour in the execution of those Proclamations and Commissions, His Maiestie doth graciously accept, and highly commend. And whereas His Maiestie, from time to time remayning constant to his former resoluti­on, hath now found apparant and manifest, what himselfe preiudged, that the materials of Bricke are of farre better vse then those of Timber, for such of His Subiects as haue occasion to build, in, or neere the sayd City of London, and tendeth not onely to the preseruation of the sayd City, and places adioyning, from diuers inconueniences and mischiefes, which might happen by reason of building the walles and forefronts of houses there with Timber, but also to the beautifying and adorning the same City and places adiacent, to the honour, beauty, and lustre thereof, which for this small [Page]time of proceeding with Bricke, is greatly applauded and approoued, aswell by Ambassadours of forren Nations, as others: His Maiestie doeth therefore hereby encourage his sayd Commissioners, and require them, as they haue begun with care and endeuour, so to continue their vigilancy ouer this so good a worke, and from time to time, to put in execution His Maiesties gracious and Princely commandements therein, and to chastise and reforme all those that are, or shall be contemptuous or disobedient to the same.

And now His Maiesty finding, that the goodnesse of the worke it selfe hath ouercome all oppositi­on, all men of quality and worth most readily and willingly proceeding therein; His Maiestie to com­fort and encourage them in such their conformity, is most desirous to prouide that His Subiects, which shall haue cause to build, bee not by any sinister practise, or for any priuate respect wronged, or preiudiced, either by making of the sayd materiall of Bricke insufficient, or by enhansing, or raysing of the prices thereof, being of necessity to bee vsed; the sayd materials of Brickes hauing beene of late yeeres (by the vndue courses of the Brickemakers) very slightly, insufficiently, and ill made, the earth being neither digged, nor cast vp in seasonable times, nor well wrought, neither the Brickes moulded, dryed, and burned as they ought to be. For preuention whereof His Maiestie, hauing (vp­on deliberate consideration and aduice, of men of iudgement, experience, and worth, for the generall good of his Subiects that shall bee occasioned to build with Bricke) cause these ensuing Instructi­ons and Directions to be deuised, as rules to be obserued, in the true making and sale of Brickes, Hath thought it necessary to publish the same to His louing Subiects, and doeth hereby straitly charge and command, that no person or persons after the last day of this present moneth of Nouember, doe make or cause to be made within fiue miles of any the gates of the sayd City of London▪ or bring or conuey, or cause to be brought or conueyed, eyther by water or by land vnto the sayd City of London, or any place or places within fiue miles of the gates of the same City, or vtter, sell, or put to sale, within the sayd City, or in any place or places within fiue miles thereof, as aforesayd, to any person or persons what­soeuer, at any time or times hereafter, any Brickes, made contrary to the true meaning of these His Maiesties Directions, or at any higher price or rate then is herein after mentioned, vpon paine of His Maiesties indignation, and displeasure, and the seuerest censure of his Court of Starre-chamber, and such further paines and punishments, as by the Lawes and Statutes of this Realme, may bee inflicted vpon them for their offences and contempt.

First, that the earth whereof the Brickes shall bee made, bee good and fit for that purpose; The first digging thereof to bee betweene the feasts of S. Michael the Arch angel, and S. Thomas the Apo­stle; And the second digging, turning, or casting vp of the sayd earth to be, at, or before the last day of February ensuing; And that no person whatsoeuer doe presume to digge, or make any Bricke in any place within one mile of the Gates of the sayd City of London, from and after the last day of this pre­sent moneth of Nouember.

Item, that the sayde earth bee sufficiently and well wrought and tempered before it bee moul­ded.

Item, that the Brickemakers mould, or cause to bee moulded, no earth for Bricke, but onely be­tweene the feast of the Annunciation of the blessed Virgin Mary, and the last day of August yeerely, and at no other time or season.

Item, that in the moulding of the sayd Brickes, the mouldes bee throughly and well filled, and not set in the mouldes, in the laying downe, and that they bee sufficiently and well dried before they bee burned, and then carefully and throughly burned.

Item, that for the Assize, euery Bricke being burned, conteine in length, nine inches, in breadth, foure inches one quarter and halfe a quarter of an inch, and in thicknesse, two inches and one quar­ter of an inch.

Item, that for the price, they sell not their Brickes aboue the rate of eight shillings the thousand, at the Kill, being made and wrought in goodnesse and manner as aforesayd.

And to the end his Maiesties care of this so vsefull and necessary a materiall should take effect; His Highnesse will and pleasure is, and His Maiestie doeth hereby command, That the Commissio­ners for buildings doe appoint either the Master and Wardens of the Company of Bricklayers of the sayd City of London, for the time being, or such other trusty persons of skill and experience, as shall bee by the sayd Commissioners thought fit, from time to time to make search and enquiry in all places within the City of London, and all other places within fiue miles of the Gates of the sayd Ci­tie, aswell of the due obseruation of the Articles aforesayd, as of the prices heereby limited; And that where they shall finde any breach of any of these His Maiesties Directions, That they from time [Page]to time make knowen the same to his Maiesties Commissioners for building, for the time beeing, with the names of the parties offending, whom We also hereby require and authorize thereupon, to take due examination, aswell of any neglect or contempt which shall be vsed by the sayd Bricklayers, by conniuency or otherwise, as of the offences and contempts to bee committed by the Brickema­kers or others, making, carrying, bringing, or vttering any Brickes, contrary to the true intent of the Directions aforesayd, and the same, together with the names of the offendours, from time to time, to certifie to His Maiesties Atturney Generall, for the time being, to bee proceeded against in the sayd high Court of Starre-Chamber, as wilfull contemners of this his Maiesties pleasure and commandement.

And where any neglect or contempt of this His Maiesties commaundement shall bee found in places more remote, His Maiestie doeth heereby authorize and require His Iustices of Peace, within their seuerall limits and diuisions, and euery of them to take due examination and notice of any offences and offendours, contrary to the true meaning of these His Maiesties Directions, as aforesayd, and to make knowen the same to His Maiesties sayd Commissioners for Buildings, and they to make further certificate vnto his Maiesties sayd Atturney Generall, to bee prosecuted in manner aforesayd; whom Wee heereby commaund to sue, and prosecute such offendours accor­dingly.

God saue the King.

¶ Imprinted at London by Bonham Norton, and Iohn Bill, Printers to the Kings most Excellent Maiestie. M.DC.XXII.

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