By the King.
A Proclamation to restraine the excessiue carriages in Wagons and foure wheeled Carts, to the destruction of the High-wayes.

WE haue many times heretofore expressed the great care and desire We alwayes had, that the Common High-Wayes and Bridges within this Realme, might be kept in due repayre, for the generall ease and good of our louing Subiects, and haue giuen many and often directions to Our Priuie Counsell, Iudges, and other officers, for effecting thereof; And finding a chiefe cause of the exceeding decayes thereof, to be the extraordinary carria­ges with Carts, and Wagons with foure wheeles, carrying excessiue bur­thens, whereby the High-Wayes are so galled, and the very foundations of any ordinary Bridges shaken, that no ordinary repayre can maintaine and keepe the same passable: We did heretofore cause Our Iudges to aduise thereof, by whom Wee were resolned, that those extraordinary carriages were common Nusances and annoyances against the Weale Publique, and the vse of them an offence against Our Crowne and Lawes: Wee did therefore by Our Proclamation, in the sixteenth yeere of Our Reigne of England, prohibite the going or trauailing with any such Cart or Wagon. Notwith­standing all which, and the great care, aswell of Our Priuie Counsell, as of Our Iudges in their Cir­cuites, We sinde no amendement, but that the High Wayes, not onely in the remoter parts, but also in places of Our owne vsuall accesse, are still spoyled and ploughed vp by those vureasonable carriages, so as they continue still so foule and deepe, as they are oft times almost vnpassable. We therefore inten­ding redresse and reformation in the Premisses, and being resolued, that for the effecting thereof, a more seuere and strict course be taken then hath beene heretofore, haue thought it agreeable to Our owne puncely goodnesse, once more to warne Our Subiects thereof, that such as shall hereafter of­fend, and shall be iustly punished therefore, may be altogether vnexcusable.

And therefore, We doe by this our Proclamation, and by the aduise of the Lords, and others of our Priuie Counsel, straitly, charge, require and command; That no common Carryer, or other persons, or persons whatsoeuer, shal from, and after the Feast of S. Michael the Arch-angel, now next comming, vse, goe, or trauell with any Cart, or Wagon, made with foure wheeles, nor with any other Cart or Wagon whatsoeuer, but onely such wagons and Carts, as shall haue but two wheeles; and that they doe not cary in any Wayne, Cart, or carryage, to be after that time vsed, any load or burthen, aboue the Weight of twentie hundred, nor shall draw, or vse their said Carts, or waynes, or carryages, with more then fiue horses at once in their sourney, vpon paine of our heany indignation, and displeasure, and of the seuerest censure of our high Court of Star. Chamber, and such further paines, punishments, and imprisonments, as by the Lawes and Statutes of this Realme may be in inflicted vpon the offendors, for such their offence and contempt.

And therefore We doe hereby require our Atturney generall, for the time being, vpon notice giuen vnto him of any such offendor, or offendors, to prosecute him, and them in the said high Court of Star­chamber, there to receiue such censure and punishment, by fine, imprisonment, and otherwise, as their contempts and offences against this our Royall Command shall deserue. And lastly, We doe hereby will and require, all Maiors, Sheriffes, Bayliffes, Iustices of Peace, and other Our Officers, and Mi­nisters, in all Counties, and priuiledged places whatsoeuer, within this Our Realme, That they, and cuery of them, in their seuerall Offices, and places, doe from time to time prouide, and see to the due exe­cution of this Our pleasure, and Royall Commandement; And that they discouer and make knownt all offendors herein, that they may be seurely punished for their offences and contempts; As also, that they neglect not, but continue the repaire and maintenance of High-Wayes, Bridges, and Causeys with­in this Our Realme, according to the Lawes, Statutes, and Ordinances now in force, and Our Com­mandement heretofore giuen, as they tender our pleasure, and will alswere the contrary, at their vt­termost perills.

God saue the King.

Imprinted at London by Bonham Norton and Iohn Bill, Printers to the Kings most Excellent Maiestie. M.DC.XXII.

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