An abstract of some branches of his Maiesties late Char­ter, granted to the Tobacco-Pipe makers of VVestminster; declaring his Maiesties pleasure touching. that Manufacture, and also all persons whom it may concerne.

IAMES by the grace of God, King of England, Scotland, France and Jreland, &c. Whereas Wee haue been informed by the complaint of diuers of Our poore Subiects, the ancient Makers of Tobacco-Pipes within this Our Realme▪ That for want of power and priuiledge to retaine their Ap­prentises and Seruants during their Apprentiship (who commonly depart from them before they haue ser­ued their tearmes, or attained to the knowledge of their Art) they are much preiudiced both in their Trades and meanes of liuing, by their excessiue making and vttering of ill Ware, And Our Subiects who haue vse of that Manufacture, are thereby greatly abused and deceiued: And not only so, but to their Masters farther impouerishment, these loose and idle persons doe instruct and teach others of as bad qua­litie as themselues, to make and sell like ill & deceitful Ware. Besides, for that the said Art of making Tobac­co Pipes is easily learned, sundry of our Subiects trained vp in other Trades more vsefull for the Realme, doe forsake the same and take vp this of making Tobacco-Pipes: And others who haue other good Trades to liue vpon, intrude themselues into this also, and vse both, to the hinderance and ouerthrow of those who anciently practised the same. And whereas for the better reforming of all those disorders, to cut off the superfluous straglers and late intruders, to reduce them to a competent number, and to settle good gouernment amongst them (this Trade being a new Trade, neuer yet ordered by any Law or Policie, and which concerneth not any Commoditie of necessitie for our Common-weale, but a superfluous pleasure, necessarie to be regulated by Our Royall power & authoritie) We haue therefore thought fit by Letters Patents vnder Our Great Seale, to Incorporate a certaine number of choice and selected persons, who haue either serued as Apprentises, or haue otherwise practised that Art by the space of seuen yeers, to whom and whose Seruants, Apprentices, and such others as shall be by them admitted into that Societie for their skill and honest conuer­sation, Wee intend to appropriat the said Art, and to restraine all others from taking that benefit which in no right belongeth vnto them.

And to the end that all our louing Subiects may take knowledge of Our pleasure expressed in our Charter, that it may be duly obserued without pretext of ignorance, Wee doe heereby declare Our expresse will and pleasure to be, and doe straightly charge and command, That no person or persons whatsoeuer, other then such as are members of the said Societie of To­bacco-pipe makers of Westminster, or which haue by the space of seuen yeares at the least beene bound to (or exercised) that Art, or such others as shall be chosen into the Societie by the said Societie, shall not presume (from the date of these pre­sents) directly nor indirectly to make any manner of Tobacco-pipes within this Our Realme of England or Dominion of Wa [...]es, nor shall bring in or import any manner of Tobacco-pipes from beyond the Seas, or from Our Realme of Scotland; Nor shall vt­ter, sell, or put to sale any Tobacco-pipes so made or brought into this Our Realme of England and Dominion of Wales, contrary to Our pleasure heerein declared Upon paine not only of forfeiture of all such Manufacture, but of incurring such penalties, impri­sonments and punishments, as by the Lawes and Statutes of this Our Realme, or by Our prerogatiue Royall may be inflicted vp­on the offenders in this kind for their contempt or neglect of Our Royall Will and Commandement. And further, for the better disco­uering and suppressing of all secret and vnder-hand making or vttering of the said Manufacture by such as are not members of this Societie or otherwise enabled as aforesaid, Wee doe require, charge, and straightly command all Our louing Subiects (especially such Retaylers as shall buy Tobacco-pipes to sell againe) that they, nor any of them directly, nor indirectly, shall buy, acquire, get or obtaine any Tobacco-pipes whatsoeuer of or from the hands of any person or persons, not being knowne members of the said Societie, And to that end it is prouided, that all Tobacco-pipes made by the said Company, shall be brought to the Common Hall of the said Societie there to be proued whether the same be good and marchantable ware, before they shall be vttered or put to sale; (where they may be bought of all Our louing Subiects) Upon paine of vndergoing of Our displeasure, and such paines and penalties as shall or may ensue thereupon for such contempt against Our will and Our prerogatiue Royall. And for the full effectuating of Our pleasure heerein, These are to command and straightly charge, That all the said Tobacco-pipe Makers aforesaid, shall forth­with take knowledge of our Charter by these presents, and by resorting to the said Societie in London, where they shall receiue such Orders and Ordinances as shall be constituted and made by the Master, Wardens, and Assistances of the said Societie for the be­nefit of the said Societie. And lastly, We will and do heereby require all Maiors, Sherifes, Iustices of Peace, Bailifes, Consta­bles, and all other Officers and Ministers whatsoeuer, That they and euery of them in their seuerall Offices and Places be from time to time ayding and assisting to the said Master, Wardens, and Societie in the due execution and accomplishment of this Our Royall Will and Commandement, as they tender Our pleasure, and will auoid the contrary▪

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