To the right reuerend Father in God, my verie good Lord and Brother, the Lord Bishop of London.

Right reuerend father in God, my verie good Lord, I haue receiued from his Maiesty his Princely letters, written in fauour of the Inhabitants of the Towne of Wesell; the tenor whereof here ensueth.

MOST Reuerend father in God, right trustie and right-wel-beloued Counsellor, Wee greete you well. Whereas the Magistrates of the Citie of Wesell, scituate in the con­fines of Germany, by their speciall messengers sent hither, haue represented vnto vs, that where heretofore for long continuance of time, their said Citie hath beene a place of suc­cour and retraite to many afflicted Strangers, such as haue beene exiled for the profes­sion of true Religion, as well from this Kingdome of ENGLAND, as from other Coun­tries, are now fallen into great miseries and distresses, aswell by the continuall calami­ty and spoiles of the warre, which heretofore they haue endured, as more perticularly some foure yeares since, by the suddaine and wofull surprise of their Citie by Marques SPINOLA, generall of the King of Spaine his Army, and euer since by the surcharge and oppression of a mightie Garrison of almost foure thousand Spaniards and other nati­ons: By reason whereof the said Citie is become so impouerished (the welthier Citizens hauing retired them­selues from thence) as they are not able any longer to sustaine the charge, neither of the Ministerie, nor of the Free-schoole, which heretofore they haue erected for the propagation of Gods true religion: nor of the multitude of their poore people, which are by the calamities aforesaid infinitely encreased of late, without the beneuolent assistance of others; and to that end hauing humbly besought vs for a charitable contribution to be leuied amongst our sub­iects: We in tender commiseration of their distressed estate, and in gratitude for the benefits which heretofore they haue affoorded to others, when God enlarged them with meanes and occasion, are gratiously pleased to grant their request. Wherefore we doe require and hereby authorise you to write your letters to the seuerall Bishops of the Diocesses in your Prouince, that they doe giue order to the Ministers and other zealous men of their Diocesses, both by their owne example in Contribution, and by exhortation to others, to dispose our welbeloued subiects in their seuerall charges to a charitable and bountifull contribution towards their reliefe. And for the better aduancing thereof, our pleasure is that those Collections made in the particular parishes, be returned to the Bi­shops of the Diocesses, and by them transmitted to such persons, as by the aduise and nomination of the said mes­sengers you shall thinke conuenient to appoint. Giuen vnder our Signet at our Mannor of Greenewich, the seuenth day of Iune in the 16 yeare of our reigne of England, France and Ireland, and of Scotland the 51.

Hereby it appeareth that God hath beene pleased so farre to trie the faith and patience of these his children, as that they who formerly gaue reliefe vnto others, yea to diuers of our Countrimen in the time of persecution vnder Queene MARY, are now constrained to seeke reliefe of others, which should incite vs to inlarge the bowells of our compassion towards them, taking knowledge of God his mercy the more vpon vs according to his owne saying; It is a more blessed thing to giue, then to receiue, which cannot be better expressed of our parts, then by hauing com­miseration and a fellow feeling of them, making the same profession of faith which wee doe, yet doe suffer such ad­uersitie, and so remarkeable a calamitie: I pray your Lordship therefore, to your power, to aduance and set for­ward this worke, which tendeth to no other end but to the honour of Almighty God. And to send the mony con­tributed vnto me, that so it may be deliuered ouer to Philip Burlamachie and some other Merchant strangers, so to be conueied to the Towne of Wesell, according to his Maiesties gratious direction. In the meane time I leaue you to God, and remaine

Your Lordships very louing brother. G. CANT.

AS my Chancellor at the reading of these letters did intreate you my brethren of the Ministerie to ad­uance this collection to the vttermost of your power, so I pray you all, and euery one of you, that you will vse both the best arguments and meanes to enrich and make as good as may be this Collection, and with as much speed as may be to returne the same vnto mee, that so I may satisfie both his Maiesties desire, and my Lord of Canterburies direction. And so I leaue you to God his protection.

Your louing friend Io. London.

THE money that shalbe gathered by vertue of these letters, to be giuen vnto the Archdeacons Officialls, or Re­gesters, that it may be presently conueied into the hands of my Lord of London.


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