To the Ministers and Church-wardens of [...] A Copie of his Maiesties Letters directed to the most Reuerend Father in God, the Lord Archbishop of Cant. of the tenoure that ensueth.

MOst Reuerend Father in God, Right trustie and right wel-beloued Counsellor, Wee greet you well.

The Inhabitants of our Towne and Mannour of East-Greenwich in our Countie of Kent, haue made knowne vnto Vs by their humble Petition, that their Parish Church and steeple is growne into such ruine and decay, as the charge of re­payring it will amount to the summe of one thousand pounds. And b [...]cause they are very poore and vtterly vnable to compasse so great a worke of themselues, though they haue alreadi [...] giuen testimonie of their willingnesse, in disbursing the sum of three hundreth pounds toward it: Forasmuch as the Worke is pious and the Towne a place of marke, in regard of our Mansion House and often residing there: We haue beene pleased to vouchsafe Our Princely furtherance to so religious and charitable a businesse, nothing doubting but that you likewise will giue it all possible assistance, both by your owne example and by encouraging the zeale and de­uotion of Our louing Subiects thereunto, especially of those of the Clergie. Wherefore Wee doe by these our speciall Letters require and authorise you, to giue order to the Bi­shops of the seuerall Diocesses throughout the Prouince of Canterbury, that they forth­with cause the Ministers and other zealous persons of their Diocesses, both by their owne example in contributing, and by exhortation to others, to moue Our people within their se­uerall charges, to contribute to so good a worke, in as liberall manner as they may; and the mony collected to send to the Bishops of the Diocesses, to bee by them deliuered ouer to you, or to such as you shall appoint, to whom the Inhabitants or Church-wardens of that Towne of East-Greenwich may repayre for it. And these Our Letters shall bee your suffi­cient warrant and discharge in this behalfe.

To the right Reuerend Father in God, my very good Lord and Brother, the Lord Bishop of Norwich.

NOw because it is a worke of pietie to repayre and vphold the Houses of God, and it were a disgrace to the Truth of Religion, that what hath beene founded in the dayes of our Predecessors, should not be vpheld in the time wherein the Gospell of Christ doth so cleerly and brightly shine, I pray your Lordship to giue the best furtherance you may vnto this worke, not only by permitting, but also by exciting men within the Diocesse, to ex­tend their deuotion in this behalfe. Whereof not doubting, I leaue you to the Almighty.

Your Lordships louing Brother, G. CANT.

LEt my Brethren of the Clergie, and the Churchwardens, vse their best expedition and readi­nesse for the publishing and speeding of his Maiesties Letters aforesaid, and to returne this Briefe, with the money collected, to the Officiall of your Archdeaconrie in whose Iurisdiction you dwell, or to his Register, that by the said Officiall or Registers the same may be returned to me, or to my Chancellor, to be sent vnto me speedily.

Io. Norwich.

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