By the King.

¶ A Proclamation for remoouing the Staple of Woolls from parts beyond the Seas, vnto certaine principall Cities and Townes within this Our Realme.

HAuing of late bene earnestly petitioned by diuers of Our louing Subiects aswell of the Growers and Breeders of Wooll, as the Merchants [...] therein, and Clothiers and Conuerters thereof, to take into Our [...] and consideration, the due and orderly disposing of the Woolls of this [...] [...] ­dome; we by the aduice of Our Priuie Councell, and Our Councell [...] maturely examined the Lawes of Our Kingdome in that behalfe [...] [...] Charters of the Staplers, concerning their power and interest in [...] buying and selling of Woolls; And haue also taken into Our Princ [...] [...] [...] ­tion the conueniencie of a middle hand betweene the Wooll Growers, and Conuerters thereof, [...] the respect of State & policy, with that of right and Law, we might resolue how the same migh [...] [...] for the publique good of Our Subiects; And obseruing that Our famous progenitors, haue al [...] [...] Lawes, as by sundrie Charters made to the Societie of the Merchants of the Staple, prouid [...] [...] should be a continuall Trade or Merchandize of buying and selling the Woolls of this King [...], [...] within the Realme or without, to which purpose diuers Staples haue bene by them erected and [...] well within the Realme, as beyond the Seas, as the present occasion of the State had required; [...] that the Merchants of the Staple haue power and authoritie by the Charter and free grant [...] [...] sister Queene Elizabeth of famous memorie, to keepe the Staple of Woolls at Middelburgh, Bridges [...] op Zoom, which is neuerthelesse to be remoued and setled elswhere within Our Land or without [...] sure of Vs, our Heires or Successors, vpon nine moneths warning giuen vnto the said Stapler [...] [...] great Seale; And being resolued that it most tendeth to the generall good, that the Woolls [...] Kingdome shall be wrought within Our Realme, To which end Wee minding to continue [...] due and orderly meanes, aswel to furnish the Wool growers with seueral sorts of Chapmen for [...] and also for the fit and timely dispersing and disposing thereof into all parts of this Our Real [...] [...] may be best vsed; And for that of ancient time the whole Trade and vse of woolls within this R [...] [...] beene vnder the gouernement of the Maior and Societie of the Staple for the time being, (othe [...] [...] which the Clothiers and Conuerters haue heretofore, and may still lawfully buy to conuert,) [...] said Staplers haue a gouerument established, both by the Lawes of this Kingdome, and by [...] [Page]of Our famous Progenitors, with sworne Officers, as Wooll-winders, Porters, Packet [...] [...] Woolshuters, Correctors and the like, fit for the well vsing and ordering of their Trade, and [...] [...] ­ting of all frauds and deceits therein; By Our letters Patents lately made vnto them, Wee [...] Our will and pleasure, That they the said Maior, Constables and Societie of Merchants of th [...] [...] euery of them shall within nine moneths next after the date thereof, remoone themselues, the [...] goo [...] [...] seruants, and by vertue of Our said letters Patents, Wee haue declared for Vs our Heires an [...] [...] That the Staple of woolls shalbe and is remooued from the foresaid Townes of Middelburgh [...] Bergen op Zoom; And that from thencefoorth they and euery of them shall forbeare to cary any [...] this Realme, to the said places, or to any other place whatsoeuer beyond the Seas; And by O [...] [...] Pattents aforesaid, We haue assigned and appointed, That the Staples shall hereafter bee kep [...] [...] Our Realme, at the seuerall Cities, Townes and places hereafter mentioned, Viz. At the [...] and the Suburbs thereof, at the cities of Canterbury, Exeter, Norwich, Worcester, Winchester, & Lincoln [...] And [...] the Townes of Shrewsbury, and Oswestrie in the Countie of Salop, Northampton, and Brackly in the Cou [...] [...] hampton, Cirencester in the Countie of Gloucester, Reading in the Countie of Berks, Kendall in the Co [...] [...] ­merland, Sherborne in the Countie of Dorcet, Richmond, Hallifax, and Wakefield in the Countie of York [...] the Countie of Lancaster, Tanton Deane in the Countie of Somerset, Deuizes in the Countie of Wilts, [...] the Countie of Essex, And Woodstocke in the Countie of Oxon. And Wee haue likewise thereby [...] confirmed vnto the Maior, Constables and Societie of the Merchants of the Staple of Eng [...], [...] their Successors, and to all and singular Merchants and others, which are or shal be of, and vn [...] [...] ­dome and gouernment of the Societie of the Staple of England, full and free power, [...]ertie an [...] [...] to buy, bargaine and Contract all maner of Woolls in all parts of this Kingdome of England [...] [...] ­nion of Wales, of all person and persons whatsoeuer, and the same to vtter and put to Sale in an [...] [...] Staple-markets, Cities or Townes without any impeachment, restraint or condition in that b [...] [...]

Notwithstanding the Statute made in the fifth yeere of the late King Edward the sixt, or any [...] Statute, Restraint, Prouision, or Proclamation to the contrary in any wise; As by our [...] Patents vnder our great Seale of England more at large appeareth. Wee doe for Vs, Our [...] Successors, straightly charge, command and prohibite all and euery our louing Subiects, that [...] doe Sue, Implead, or vexe in any Court of Record whatsoeuer, the sayd Merchants of the St [...] or any of them, their Wiues, Apprentices, or Houshold seruants, or any of them, for or concerning buyin [...] [...] in any place whatsoeuer, to sell againe by Retayle or otherwise, within the Staple Townues afor [...] [...] if any Suit hereafter shalbe brought or prosecuted in any of Our Courts against the sayd Mere [...] [...] Staple, or any of them, their Wiues, Apprentices, or Houshold seruants, for the buying of any W [...]s, [...] shall be bought to the intent to sell againe at any of the sayd Staple Townes, vpon any Stat [...] or [...] ­nance whatsoeuer, made against Ingrossing and buying of Woolles, to the intent to sell them ag [...] Th [...] and so often Wee doe by these presents, for Vs, our Heires and Successors, will, charge and re [...] [...] euery the Iudges and Iustices of Vs, our Heires and Successors, of all and euery our Courts, [...] such Suite shalbe brought and prosecuted, and the Barons of the Exchequer of Vs, our Heires [...] S [...] ­sors, so soone as they, or any of them shalbe truely certified, that the partie sued is a Merchant of [...] or Wife, Apprentice, or Houshold seruant to a merchant of the Staple; They, and euery of the [...] [...] Iudges, Iustices and Barons of Vs, our Heires or Successors, shall vse and imploy the vtter [...] [...] power and authoritie, and take all courses, and doe all things which may stand with Law and [...] the speedie stopping and repressing of all such Suits and troubles against the sayd Merchants of [...] or any of them, their wiues, apprentices, or houshold seruants of them, or any of them, for buying [...] [Page]of Wooll as aforesayd. And Wee doe also hereby reuoke, and disanull all Licences, Pow [...] [...] [...] ­ties which haue bene giuen, or may be pretended to be giuen for the buying of Wooll withing [...] for to Ship to any of His Maiesties Ilands, or to sell againe vnconuerted, Except such as [...] to the Merchants of the Staple: And doe hereby straightly charge and commaund, that [...] [...] ­tutes in that behalfe made against all others shalbe put in execution: And doe inhibite all [...] of Our displeasure, to buy or contract for any Wooll to sell againe vnwrought: And furthe [...] [...] reforme all frauds and abuses heretofore practized by Glouers and Fel-mongers, in the vtte [...] [...] wools, We will and ordaine and straightly charge and command all Fel-mongers, and eue [...] [...] doe, or shall inhabite within twelue miles of any of the sayd Staple Markets, Cities, or [...] mitted and assigned, That they and euery of them shall from time to time put to sale all [...] wools, at some or one of the sayd Staple Markets or Townes, and not elsewhere, thereto [...] [...] ­ued, weighed, and registred by some of the Officers and Ministers of the Staple. And [...] purpose, that a due and orderly gouernment may be established and continued at the Staph [...] [...] sayd, both for weighing, proouing, searching, and disposing of all sorts of the Woolles of th [...] Our [...] as may tend most to the welfare of all Our Subiects; Our will and pleasure is, That [...] Ma [...] Staple for the time being, shall appoint some one of the Societie to attend the Lords of O [...] [...] sell for their Direction from time to time, whensoeuer they shalbe commanded for that purpo [...].

Prouided neuerthelesse, that the Clothiers and Dealers in New Draperies, or any oth [...] [...] Subiects, that shall buy to conuert into Manufactures, shall not be barred from buying [...] hands of the Wool grower, Wooll fit for their vse; And also that the Dealers in New [...] Stuffes, who doe not vse the whole Fleece of the Woolles they buy, and haue vsed to sell [...] thiers, shall and may continue the same vsage, as formerly they haue done, so as they sell the [...] [...] [...] ­yle Markets, there to be viewed, weighed, and registred by the Officers and Ministers of [...]

God saue the King.

¶ Imprinted at London by Robert Barker, Printer to the Kings most Excellent Maiestie. Anno Dom. 1616.

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