❧By the King.
❧A Proclamation against Steelets, Pocket Daggers, Pocket Dagges and Pistols.

THe loue and care Wee haue towards the preserua­tion of Our Subiects, and the keeping of Our Lande from being polluted with blood; doth make Us striue with the euill humors and depraued customes of the times, to reforme and suppresse them by Our Princely policy and Iustice; To which end and purpose, We haue by the seueritie of Our Edict, (proceeding from Our owne pen, and by the exemplar censure and Decrees of Our Court of Starre-Chamber) put downe, and in good part mastered that audacious custome of Duelles and Challenges, and haue likewise by a Statute made in Our time, taken away the benefit of Clergie in case of Stabbing, and the like odious Man-slaughters:

Wherefore it being alwayes the more principall in Our intention to preuent, then to punish, being giuen to vnderstand of the vse of Steelets, pocket Daggers, and pocket Dags and Pistols, which are weapons vtterly vnseruiceable for defence, Militarie practise, or other lawfull vse, but odious, and noted Instruments of murther, and mischiefe; We doe straightly will and command all persons whatsoeuer, that they doe not hencefoorth presume to weare or carie about them any such Steelet or pocket Dagger, pocket Dagge or Pistoll, vpon paine of Our Princely Indignation and displeasure, Imprisonment and Censure in the Starre-Chamber; And We doe likewise straightly forbid vpon like paine all Cutlers, or other person, to make or sell any of the said Steelets, pocket Daggers, pocket Dagges or Pistols.

God saue the King

Imprinted at London by ROBERT BARKER, Printer to the Kings most Excellent Maiestie. ANNO DOM. 1616.

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