[royal blazon or coat of arms]

❧By the King.

IN calling to our Princely remembrance, that in the late Rebellion vpon pretence of Depopulation and vnlawfull Inclo­sures, the greatest number of the offenders haue not beene proceeded with ac­cording to Justice and their traiterous deseruings, no nor so much as appre­hended or touched for the same, although they bee in no better case or degree, then those few which haue suffered or beene called in question: There want not some reasons and circumstances which (if wee would consult onely with policie or passion) mought induce vs to further seueritie, and a more generall execution of the Law vpon the same offenders. For wee are not ignorant, that of all other seditions and re­bellions, none doth bring such infinite waste and desolation vpon a Kingdome or State, as these popular In­surrections, which though they doe seldome shake or indanger a Crowne, yet they doe bring a heape of cala­mities vpon multitudes of innocent Subiects, and chiefly vpon the Authors and Acters themselues.

And againe, Wee doe obserue, that there was not so much as any necessitie of famine or dearth of corne, or any other extraordinary accident, that might stirre or prouoke them in that maner to offend; but that it may be thought to proceede of a kinde of insolencie and contempt of our milde and gracious Gouernment, which mought (in some Prince) turne the same into more heauy wrath and displeasure. But We neuerthelesse hauing at the very entrance of our Raigne, in the highest treasons against our owne Person, intermingled Mercie with iustice, are much more inclined in this case, which concerneth a number of poore & simple people, to extend our naturall clemencie to wards them. Whereupon we haue resolued to set wide open the gate of our Mercie vnto them, and to bestowe vpon them our free Grace and Pardon, without further Suite or Supplication.

And therefore we doe hereby take and receiue all the sayd Offenders, and euery of them, to our Mercie, and of our Grace and meere motion, freely pardon vnto them their sayd Offences, and all paines of Death or o­ther punishment due for the same, and promise vnto them, in the word of their naturall Liege Lord and King, that they shall not be in any wise molested or impeached, in Life, Member, Lands or Goods for their sayd Of­fences, or any of them. So as neuerthelesse, that before Michaelmas next they doe submit themselues, and acknowledge their sayd Offences before our Lieutenant, Deputie Lieutenant, or Sheriffe in the Countie where they shall remaine, whereof Wee will and command a Note or Entrie to be made and kept.

And We are further graciously pleased, that if any of them seuerally or iointly shal desire for their better assu­rance, to haue our Pardon vnder our great Seale, that our Chancellor shal make the same vnto them without further warrant in that behalfe. Not intending neuerthelesse to preiudice any our Subiects priuate Suite or Action, but so much as in Us is, absolutely to acquite & discharge them against Us, our Heires & Successors.

God saue the King.

❧Imprinted at London by Robert Barker, Printer to the Kings most Excellent Maiestie. ANNO DOM▪ 1607.

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