❧ By the King.

WHereas some of the meaner sort of our people did of late assemble themselues in riotous and tumultuous maner within our Countie of Northampton, sometimes in the night, and sometimes in the day, vnder pretence of laying open enclosed grounds of late yeeres taken in, to their dammage, as they say; The repressing whereof we did first referre only to the due course of Iustice, and the ordinary proceedings of the Commissioners of the Peace, and other our Ministers in such cases: Forasmuch as Wee haue perceiued since, that lenitie hath bred in them, rather encouragement then obedience, and that they haue pre­sumed to gather themselues in greater multitudes, as well in that Countie, as in some others adioyning, We find it now very necessary to vse sharper remedies.

Wherefore, We will and command all Lieutenants, deputy Lieutenants, Sheriffs, Iu­stices of Peace, Maiors, Bailiffes, Headboroughs, Constables, and all other our Officers and Ministers to whom it may appertaine, if the said persons shall continue so assembled, after Proclamation made, or any such new Assemblies bee gathered in those, or any other parts of our Realme, immediatly to suppresse them by whatsoeuer meanes they may, be it by force of Armes, if admonitions and other lawfull meanes doe not serue to reduce them to their dueties. For Wee cannot but be iustly moued to such seueritie against those, who vn­iustly throw a slaunder vpon our Gouernment, by taking that pretence for their disobedience: Seeing it is manifest by Acte of Parliament, passed since our comming to this Crowne, that we haue been careful to preuent such Enclosures, and Depopulations, & that it hath been an ordinary charge giuen by Us to our Iustices of Assises, when they went to their Circuits, to enquire of all vnlawfull Depopulations and Enclosures, and to take order to remedie the same, and to punish the Offenders therein according to the due course of Lawe. And it is well knowen to many, that We were now also in hand with some course to bee taken by ad­uise of our Counsell for the performance thereof: From which our good purpose and intent, this their presumptuous and vndutifull proceeding, might rather giue Us cause to desist, then increase in Us any affection to relieue such disordered persons, so farre attempting a­gainst our Crowne and Dignitie, who chuse rather to trust to their owne pride and rashnes, then to the care and prouidence of their Souereigne. Willing and commanding all our said Lieutenants, Deputie Lieutenants, Shiriffes, and other our Officers and Ministers aboue mentioned, to attend diligently to the execution of this our pleasure, and all other our louing Subiects to be obedient to them in the performance thereof, as they will answere the contra­rie at their perill.

God saue the King.

❧ Imprinted at London by Robert Barker, Printer to the Kings most Excellent Maiestie. ANNO DOM. 1607.

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