❧ By the King.

WHere vpon our first comming to the succession of this Kingdome, at the sute of diuers persons, who had or pretended to haue from the Queene of famous memory our Sister deceased, Commissions as annexed of course to seuerall offices which they helde, for the taking vp of Hounds, Grey­hounds, Spaniels, and Dogges of other sorts accustomed for Venerie, Faulconry or other sports of Princes, We did renew vnto them their said Commissions, and grant the like to some others who had no offices, vp­on diuers suggestions made vnto vs, which Commissions wee haue since beene informed from diuers partes of our Realme, that inferiour Officers who haue bene trusted with them, haue abused and do dayly abuse, contrary to the meaning of the same, which was to bee executed no further forth then the necessity of our seruice should require: And forasmuch also as we haue had good proofe that Gentlemen and others, who delight in the like pastime of hunting and hanking, haue and will be ready at all times of their owne good will and respect to our recreati­ons, to furnish vs of sufficient number of Dogges of all sorts, which wee shall haue cause to vse, when they shall be informed that we haue need of them:

Wee haue therefore found it vnnecessary to continue the execution of any our Commissions here­tofore giuen for that purpose, And doe hereby notifie the same to all our Subiects, and expressely charge and command all those, who haue any such Commissions or Warrants from vs vnder our great Scale, or any other our Scales, that they doe not onely forbeare to put the same in execution from henceforth, but also do bring in and deliuer vp the sayd Commissions and Warrants, into our Chancerie, or any other Office, where they haue bene sealed, within the space of Twentie dayes af­ter the publishing hereof, as they will answere the contrary at their perill. Willing also and commanding our Attourney generall, and all other of our Counsell learned, that whensoeuer they shall receiue information, that any person, who hath had such Commission from vs, shall after the time aboue limitted execute the same, that they doe prosecute their offence therein as in case of con­tempt by all such wayes and meanes, as in like case is vsuall.

God saue the King.

¶ Imprinted at London by Robert Barker, Printer to the Kings most Excellent Maiestie. ANNO DOM. 1605.

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