❧ By the King.

ALthough it cannot be without griefe to vs to publish, that in this our Kingdome we should finde any Subiect so contrary to all the rest of our louing people, who in so great multitudes haue made per­fect proofe of their vnspotted lyaltie to vs: Yet hath there such an accident happened so farce beyond our expectation, as We could not conceale it without prciudice to our Selfe, and our Estate, whereof we assure our Sclues, that al our good subiects wilbe very sensible, That is, that it hath bene discouered to Vs by seuerall persons, that our Anthony Copley, the yonger brother of one Copley that is lately returued from forreine parts unto this Countrey, hath dealt with some to be of a conspiracie to vse some violence vpon our Person, whereby must either haue followed perill to our life, or danger of innouation in our State. Which Anthony Copley, hauing bene sought for since his practising with others, by the ordinary Officers and ministers our State, in places about our Court, and our Citie of London, cannot yet be found: So as it seemeth he lurketh very closely, awayting opportunitie to attempt his treasonable purposes, or to procure other of our Subiects to conspire with him in so disioyall a fact.

Wherefore we haue found it necessary to make publike declaration to all our people of his wicked purpose, knowing well that all true and loyal Subiects, howsoeuer diuided from the State in matter of Religion, will abhorre so vngrations and traiterous a minde, of which good affection Wee require them all to make proofe, by doing their endeuouts to discouer and apprchend the sayde Anthony Copley wheresoeuer hee may bee found: Charging all Lieute­nants, Deputie Lieutenants, Iustices of Peace, Maiors, Shiriffes, Constables, and all o­ther our Ministers whomsoeuer, so be diligent in enquiring and searching for the said Antho­ny Copley: whom if they shall happen to take, Our pleasure is they send him presently to our Priuie Counsell, or to some of our ordinary Magistrates, to abide the triall of our Lawes for his fact. And do further declare, That if any person on our Realme shall conceale, harbour, keepe or maintaine the sayd Anthony Copley, after they haue by this our Proclamation, or o­therwise, notice of his traiterous purpose: Wee must, as there is iust cause, extend against them the power of our indignation, and the rigour of our Lawes, though we shall be sory to find any such occasion giuen by any of our Subiects whom we doe hold so deare.

God saue the King.

❧ Imprinted at London by Robert Barker, Printer to the Kings most Excellent Maiestie.

ANNO DOM. 1603.

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