¶ By the King.

AT our first entrance into this our Realme, and in al the way as we haue passed, we tooke no small contentment in the resort Noblemen, Gentle­men and other our Subiects comming to visit vs, holding their affectio­nate desire to see our Person, to bee a certaine testimony of their inward loue. And in the same contentment we haue dwelled since our soiourning at this place, and shall euer remaine, as long as such concourse of them to our Court may bee without grieuance and offence to the Body of this Realme. But hearing from all parts of our Kingdome, that by the re­mooue of great numbers of the principall Gentlement out of the seuerall Counties, aswell of such as haue charge there, as Deputie Lieutenants, or Commissioners for the Musters or for the Peace, as others with their whole families, both th'execution of things incident to their charge is omitted, and hospitalitie exceedingly decayed, whereby the reliefe of the poorer sort of peole is taken away, who had from such Houses much comfort and case towards their living: For remedy of the inconueni­ences like to grow thereby, and also for that we finde the sicknesse already somewhat forward with­in our City of London, which by concourse of people abiding there is very like to be increased, and im­porteth vs aswel for our peoples sake, as for the safety of our owne Person (who for the most part liue in places neere the said City) to preuent by all prouident meanes: Wee haue bene mooued rather to want for a time the contentment wee haue in the sight and resort of our Subiects to vs, then for our owne priuate delight, to giue way to so great a mischiefe, as the continuall resort hither may breed. Wherefore we do hereby wil and command all Gentlemen and others, aswell such as haue any kind of charge in the Counties of their ordinary habitation, as of other sort, That if they haue not some speciall cause of attendancé at our Court for our Seruice, or for some necessary cause concerning their owne estate, whereof they may informe our Priuie Councell, they shall immediatly after the ende of this Terme depart our said City of London and the Suburbs thereof, and returne to their seuerall habitations in the Counties of their abode, vntill the time of our Coronation be come, at what time we shall not mislike to haue them returne vntill that solemnitie be passed. And because we perceiue that heretofore there hath bene a great neglect in obeying Proclamations published vpon iust causes, we do admonish all those whom this Proclamation concerneth, to be so wary, as Wee haue not iust cause to make them an example of contempt, which wee must and will doe, if after the Terme ended we shall finde any making stay here, contrary to this direction.

God saue the King.

¶ Imprinted at London by Robert Barker, Printer to the Kings most excellent Maiestie.

ANNO DOM. 1603.

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