❧ By the Queene.

THe Queenes most ercellent Maiestie, being credibly informed that many vagabonds, rogues, idle persons, and masterlesse men, hauing nothing to liue on, doe dayly resort to the Cities of London and West­minster, and the Suburbes of the same, and also to the Borough of Southwarke, and other Villages and Townes neere adioyning to the sayd Cities and Borough, and there are suffered to liue very disor­derly: by occasion whereof, many robberies, and felonies, and other horrible crimes and offences be committed and done, to the high dis­pleasure of Almightie God, and to the great hurt of her good & louing Subiects. The chiefe occasion whereof, seemeth to be the want of good execution of the good lawes and statutes, made for the punishment of such masterlesse men, idle, and vagrant persons. Wherefore her Maiestie, minding with some seueritie presently to haue the sayd good Lawes & Statutes alrea­dy prouided against such persons, to be duely put in execution, hath thought good by this her Procla­mation, to notifie the same her Highnesse pleasure, to all her louing Subiects: And therefore doeth straightly charge & command, all persons that by the Lawes of this Realme may be taken for rogues or vagabonds, and all idle persons, and masterlesse men, not hauing where with to liue on, nor liuing by any lawfull labour or occupation, and being her naturall borne Subiects, that they and euery of them, do within two dayes next after the publishing of this Proclamation, depart & auoid themselues from the said Cities of London & Westminster, and the Suburbs of the same, and from the Borough of Southwarke, and all other Townes and Villages within seuen miles compasse of the said Cities and Borough, and from thence to repaire to the countreis & places where they were borne, and there to tary & abide in some lawfull worke and exercise, as they ought to doe, upon paines and penalties li­mited and expressed in the Lawes and Statutes prouided against such offenders. And her Maiesties further pleasure & expresse commandementis, that the Maior, Aldermen, & Recorder of the said Citie of London, & al Iustices of Peace within the Counties of Middlesex, Kent, Surrey, & Essex, and spe­cially al those Iustices that be within the limits aforesaid, that they & euery of them, as they wil auoyd her Highnes displeasure, doe from time to time, as occasion shal serue, cause good watch to be set, and search to be made, in al places where they shal thinke conuenient, for the apprehending, arresting, and taking of all such idle vagrant persons, and masterles men, and that they cause the same with al speed to be imprisoned, and duly punished, according to the tenor and effect of her Maiesties Lawes and sta­tutes in such cases prouided, without any tolleration or fauour whatsoeuer to be shewed vnto any of them. And her Maiestie doth also specially charge and command the said Maior, Aldermen, and Re­corder of London, and all Iustices of Peace, Bailifes of Liberties and Franchises within the saide Cities, Townes, and limites, that they and euery of them, within the limites of their iurisdictions, doe from time to time cause good search to bee made, as well in all common Tabling houses, Innes, Alehouses, and Tiplinghouses, as also in all Bowling Alleyes, and other places where any gaming or play is vsed and frequented, and there to apprehend and take such suspected persons, being master­les men, of euill name and fame, not hauing where withall to mainteine their idle life, and the same so apprehended and taken, to commit to prison, there to remaine, vntil they shal receiue such punishment and correction, as by the lawes & statutes of this Realme is & shalbe due vnto them. And her Highnes is further pleased & contented, that the Maior of the said City of London, shal haue power & authoritie from time to time, to proclaime & publish this present Proclamation in al places within the said Citie and Suburbes, so often as to him shall seeme needeful and conuenient.

God saue the Queene.

❧ Imprinted at London by the Deputies of Christopher Barker, Printer to the Queenes most excellent Maiestie. 1576.

Cum priuilegio Regiae Maiestatis.

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