By the Queene.

THe Queenes Maiestie vnderstanding the great disorder that of late hath beene, and yet is daily vsed, in and about the Cities of London and Westminster, and especially in & about Westminster hall, and the pallace of Westminster, by diuers light and euil dis­posed persons, who in great routes and companies haue assem­bled themselues together, against such as be informers vpon pe­nall lawes and statutes, commonly called Promoters, And so be­ing assembled, haue not onely beaten, and very euill intreated di­uers of the same informers: but also haue made great outcries a­gainst the same persons, whereby the Courts and places of iustice in Westminster hall, and other places there abouts, have bene much disquieted and troubled, and the Queenes Maiesties peace broken, whereof great mischiefe and inconuenience might likely growe, if speedie remedie be not therein prouided.

Wherefore, her Maiestie doeth straightly charge and command all persons, that they, nor any of them, doe here after commit or doe, or consent, or procure to bee committed or done, any such dis­order or misbehauiour by any act, deede or mordes, openly or secretly against any such informers, or against any other person or persons, in any the places aforesaide, or in any other place within this Realme, vpon paine to suffer imprisonment of their bodies by the space of three moneths, without baile or maineprise, and also haue such further open punishment for their offences by whipping, standing vpon the pillorie, or otherwise, as by her Maiesties Counsell of her Highnesse Court of Starre-chamber shalbe iudged and ordered. And further, her Maiesties pleasure and expresse commandement is, that diligent inquirie shalbe made of such, as haue beene offenders in any the premisses, to the intent that due and condigne punishment and correction may be to them ministred, according to their offences. And that all Iustices, Officers and ministers, shall in all places where such offences shall happen hereafter to be committed, cause the offenders, their pro­curers, and abetters, to be apprehended and taken, and presently to be committed to some prison, there to remaine in safe keeping, vntill they may be brought before her Maiesties saide Counsell in the Starre-chamber, there to be ordered to such punishment, as by the saide Counsell shall be thought conuenient.

God saue the Queene.

Imprinted at London by the Depu­ties of Christopher Barker, Printer to the Queenes most excellent Maiestie.

Anno Domini 1594.

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