❀ A Proclamation to reforme the disorder in accesse of greater number of persons to the Court, then haue iust cause so to doe.

THe Queenes most excellent Maiestie being informed of the resort of a greater number of persons to her Towne and Castle of Windsor, and other places ad­ioining, then are conuenient, and that are not ordinarie seruants to attend on her Maiestie in the Court, nor doe belong to her Counsailors or other her principall officers attending on her Maiesties person, whereof by late view taken both by the officers of the Towne, and by her Harbingers, there appea­reth great disorder, in that a great number of owners of houses doe lodge a multitude of persons that are not allowed by any Harbinger, and many of the same so lodged, are persons that with their wiues, children, and seruants, are come from London and Westminster, and other infected places, whereby great danger must needes follow, if remedie be not prouided very speedilie: And therefore her Maiestie hath commanded the Knight Harbinger, with other her Harbingers, and with the assistance of the seruants of the Knight Marshall, and with the Maior of Windsor and other officers in the Townes adioyning, that they do cause a search to be newly made, according as they are ordered and directed by her Maiesties priuie Counsaile, and that all persons doe obey them in the execution of those orders. And especially her Maiestie chargeth all owners of houses in the said Townes of Windsor, Eaton, and the Townes adioyning within fiue miles of her Castle, that within two dayes after publication thereof at the Market crosse in Windsor, they doe exclude all persons that shall not be allowed by the said Harbinger to haue lodging, vpon paine of imprisonment, and shutting vp of their houses, and such fine as shalbe imposed vpon them for the breach of this her Maiesties commandement. Finally, her Maiestie chargeth all persons that shall not be warranted by the Harbingers Billets to haue lodging, that they do depart from the Court, and from fiue miles neere the Court, within two daies after the pub­lication hereof, vpon paine of imprisonment and fine also for their contempt. And that none which are not allowed to come within the Castle, but shall come vpon pretence of anie suites, shal not enter vntill they shall first declare their names and places from whence they doe come, to some of her Maiesties porters, and vpon report to be made by them to some one of her Maiesties priuie Counsell, and vpon receit of a Billet from any of the Counsaile, or from any one of the Masters of the Requests in writing, to licence such suter to come into the Castle, in such maner, and with such seruants as the necessitie of the suite, and the condition of the sui­ter shall require, or otherwise not to be permitted to enter within the gates of the Court, nor after his suite ended to continue in the Court, vpon paine of imprisonment, and of her Maiesties indignation. Giuen at the Castle of Windsor, the fifteene day of September in the xxxv. yeere of her Maiesties raigne.

God saue the Queene.

¶Imprinted by the Deputies of Christo­pher BARKER, Printer to the Queenes most excellent Maiestie.

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