❧ By the Queene.

WHerein the Parliament holden at Westminster, the second day of April, in the xii. yeere of the reigne of our soueraigne Lady the Queene, there was for the reliefe of diuers poors decaied townes, & of great multitudes of her poore subiects, who otherwise were likely to perish, or to become vnprofitable and dangerous to the common weale, among other prouided and established, one good and beneficiall statute, entituled, An acte for the continuance of making of cappes. By meane of which statute, great nombers of idle, poore, and im­potent persons were for a season set on worke, while the awe of the sayde sta­tute and feare of due execution thereof continued, to the marueilous great commoditie of this Realme, and helpe of the needie, and redresse ofyll occupied persons, as by the experience thereof hath bene manifestly proued. And whereas neuerthelesse by litle and litle, the disobedience and wan­ton disorder of euill disposed and light persons, more regarding priuate fancie and vanitie, then publique com­moditie or respect of duetie, hath encreased by want of execution of the saide law, whereby those good and ho­nest subiects that haue by meanes of the sayd statute, set to worke a great number of poore people, are like to be driuen to giue ouer their said trade of making cappes, and to send abrode againe into idlenesse and miserie, those multitudes that haue bene by them releeued, whereby is likely to growe great enormitie and inconue­nience, if speedie remedie therefore be not in time prouided. The Queenes most excellent maiestie therefore tenderly considering the premisses, straightly chargeth and commandeth all Iustices of Assises, Iustices of peace, Maiors, Shirifes, Bayliffes, and other head officers of Cities, Boroughs, and Townes corporate, and the Lords, Stewards, Bayliffes, and other officers of Leetes, Lawdayes, and liberties, and all and singular Constables, Thyrdboroughes, Tithingmen, Churchwardens, and all other her highnesse subiects, to whom the executing or putting in vre of the same statute any way may appertaine, that euery one of them according to his office, place, and calling, doe their vttermost endeuour for the due execution of the sayde statute: and that they the sayd Bayliffes, Constables, Thyrdboroughs, Tithingmen, Churchwardens, and all other in­ferior officers, and euery of them, doe euery Sunday, and festiuall day, make diligent viewe and search in all Churches, Chappels, and all other places within the circuites and compasses of their offices and authorities, for all and singular breakers and offendors of the saide statute, and without delay cause the names of all such offendours, and of the parents, gardians, gouernours, and masters of euery childe, seruant, and warde, so of­fending, together with the day and place of the offence committed, to be then written, and to be lawfully and orderly presented, at such Assises, Sessions, or Courts (next after such offences) as haue authoritie to enquire or determine the sayd offences: And that all Maiors, Sherifes, and Baylifes of Cities, Boroughs & Townes corporate, and all lordes of Leetes, Lawdayes, and Liberties, doe immediatly vpon the proclamation here­of, call before them all the sayde Constables, Thyrdboroughes, Tithingmen, Churchwardens, inferiour Bailiffes, and all other the abouesayd inferiour officers, that shalbe vnder their charge of gouernement, and them & euery of them foorthwith in our names do straightly charge & command, that they, and euery of them, to the vttermost of their powers, do euery Sunday and festiual day, make such diligent view and search, and such note also of the names of all such offendors, & such presentment of all such offences as is abouesaid: And that all Iustices of Assises, and Iustices of peace in their circuites and Sessions, and all Stewards in their Leetes, vpon paine of her Maiesties high displeasure, omit not in any wise from time to time, specially to giue in charge, and cause to be enquired of all offences against the said statute committed, or to be committed with­in their seuerall precincts or iurisdictions, and also doe duely heare and determine the same, punishing eue­ry of the sayde offendours according to the sayde statute: And that all the sayde Lordes and owners of Leetes and Lawdayes, do as much as in euery of them shal lye, to cause their Stewards throughly to execute their office and authoritie, according to the same statute, and that vpon euery such offence found, both the sayd ow­ners of Leets, and also the rulers & chiefe gouernours of euery Citie, Borough, Towne, or Hamlet, where a­ny such offence shall be tryed and found, shall doe their vttermost indeuour by the lawe to recouer, haue and obteyne of euery such offendour, all the penalties to them or any of them, by the sayde statute forfeited, or to be forfeited.

God saue the Queene.

Imprinted at London by the Deputies of Christopher Barker, Printer to the Queenes most excellent Maiestie. 1590.

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