A Copie. WHere sundrie Preachers haue latelie come into sundrie places of the Diocesse of Lon­don, some of them not being Ministers: others, such as haue no sufficient warrant for their calling: others, such as haue beene detected in other Countries, & haue notwithstanding ta­ken vppon them publiquelie to preach, to the in­famy of their calling: others, haue in their prea­ching rather stirred vp the people to Innouatiō, than sought the peace of the Church. These are therefore in her Maiesties name, by vertue of her high Commission for causes Ecclesiasticall to vs and others directed, straightly to Inioyne, Commaund, and charge al Parsons, Uicars, Curates, & Churchwardens, of all Churches scituate within the Diocesse of London, aswell in places exempt from the iurisdiction of the Bishop of London, as not exempt: that they nor any of them doe suffer any to preach in their Churches or Parrishes, or to reade any Lectures (not being in their owne Cures) but onely such whose licen­ses, they shall first haue seene and read, and whom they shall find to be lycensed thereto, either by the Queens Maiesty, or by one of the Uni­uersities of Cambridge, or Oxford, or by ye L. Archbishop of Canterbury, or the L. Bishop of London for the time being, vnder Seale. And that no priuate assemblies or conuenticles about Ecclesiasticall exercises, by any persons whatsoeuer be suffered to be held, either in houses or elswhere, by knowledg of the Minister or Churchwardens: but that the parties so assembling, be detected by them to the Ordinarie, with the manner of their said assemblies, with as conuenient speed as may be.

And, that this Iniunction may be published and take the better effect: we will that a true copie thereof shall be deliuered to euerie Curate, or to the Churchwarden of euery of the Churches aforesaide: And that vpon the Sunday next after the receipt hereof, presently after the rea­ding of the second lesson at morning prayer, it shall be read openly by the Minister to the congregation: And afterwards it shall be written in the Church Booke of accompts, so as it may be knowen vnto such Ministers and Churchwardens as shall succeed them: And then it to be fastned vp in some conuenient place of the Church.

  • Io: Cantuar.
  • Ihon London.
  • Tho. Winton.
  • Harb. Hereford.
  • Subsigned.
    Valen: Dale.
  • Owyn Hopton.
  • Bar: Clark.
  • W. Aubrey.
  • W. Fletewood.
  • Edw. Stanhope.
  • W. Lewyn.
  • Ihon Mullins.
  • Richard Cosin.

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