By the Queene.
A Proclamation for horsemen and breed of horses for seruice.

THe Queenes most excellent Maiestie, fynding by the view of the last certificat of Musters, the number of Horsemē, especially in cer­taine Countreys, to be much lesse then shee looked for, considering the great charge that from time to time hath bene giuen, by letters directed by her highnesse expresse commandement from her Priuy Counsel, vnto such of the Iustices of peace, to whom the princi­pall care of the musters hath bene committed, to see aswell such Lawes and statutes put in execution, as tended to the mainte­nance of Horsemen, as also other good orders and directions sent to the saide Iustices tending to the same end: And also being giuen to vnderstand, that the most necessary and profitable lawes, provided for the breede and encrease of horses, are either not at all put in execution, or very negligently, whereby the number of seruiceable Horses, yt heretofore haue bene bred within this realme, is greatly decaied, by reason wherof great numbers of her Maiesties subiectes be in daunger of great penalties, if her Maiestie should seeke the due execution of her lawes: For reformation whereof, her highnesse hath found it very expedient, to make choyse of cer­taine principal Noble men of this Realme, and others of her Priuy Counsell, to whom she hath of late giuen authoritie vnder the great Seale of this Realme, to see due execution of the Lawes and Statutes of this Realme prouided in that behalfe, & of such other orders as heretofore haue bene taken, or by them may be deuised hereafter, aswel for the increase of the nomber of horsemen, as also for the breed of Horses. And for that the due execution of the said statutes and orders tend to a com­mon defence of the Realme, wherein euery good and faithfull subiect is interessed and ought to be careful of the same, and therfore the punishing with all seueritie, of such as be found offen­ders therein, is very necessary: Her most excellent Maiestie, hauing a gratious disposition to haue her subiects forewarned of her good pleasure and intention, hath thought it very necessary and ex­pedient, both to notifie vnto her said subiects the great mislike she hath of the remisnesses, that hath bene heretofore vsed in a matter tending onely to ye surety of her person, the publique defence of her Dominions, and the particular benefit of euery good subiect, and not ment to be a president to drawe any person into any other charge or burden, As also to let them vnderstand, that from henceforth, after admonition giuen by publishing of this present proclamation, whosoeuer shalbe found to offend in the premisses, shal receiue such punishment, as by the Lawes and orders of this Realme, may any wayes be inflicted vpon them. For the due execution whereof she hath giuen a special chardge, & straight commandement to the said Commissioners, to see such as shalbe here­after found offenders, punished with all seueritie: willing also and commanding all Iustices of peace, and other publique ministers, to see due execution of such orders, as shall by the sayd Com­missioners from tyme to tyme be deuised and set foorth for the better aduancement of this seruice, as they will answere it at their vttermost perill.

God saue the Queene.

❧ Imprinted at London by Christo­pher Barker, printer to the Queenes most ex­cellent Maiestie.

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