❧ By the Queene.

THe Queenes most excellent Maiestie, finding the great misusage in the execution of sundry her Highnesse grants made to diuers persons, touching certaine penall Statutes, made & set forth for the common benefit and vtilitie of her people, and touching the obtaining and recouery of Lands and Tenements concealed, & of sundry bands, forfeitures, and other things pretended to be vniustly withholden and concealed from her Highnesse and her Crowne: By pretence whereof, she perceiueth a great multitude of her louing Subiects, contrary to the intention of her Maiesties said grants, in many cases (though not offending) to haue bene greatly vexed and molested, and the Lawes not thereby any thing the better exe­cuted, but in some parts rather impaired, nor any such profit recouered, or obtained to her Highnes vse vpon such executions (& contealements, as was pretended: most gratiously minding the common quiet and profit of her louing Subiects, and willing to remoue all occasions of such griefs to her people, as things whereof shee alwayes hath had, and yet still hath vtter misliking: Expresly willeth and com­mandeth that the execution of all such speciall grants & Commissions made to particular persons tou­ching the premisses, and all Commissions not being returned into any her Maiesties courts of Record made vpon, or by vertue of any such grants, shall from henceforth cease. And that no new Commissi­ons vpon any the grants aforesaid, do from henceforth passe any her Maiesties Seales, nor any Pro­ces or Writ to be awarded, nor information from hencefoorth receiued, vpon or by vertue of any such Grants or Commission, out of any her Maiesties Courts of Record whatsoeuer.

And further her Maiestie commandeth, that no Commissions or Commissioner, or other person whatsoeuer, already authorized to execute any such Grant or Commission, shal from henceforth deale or proceed any further by inquisition of Iurors, examination of witnesses, or certificate, or by any other wayes or meanes whatsoeuer, to execute any the said Grants or Commissions vpon paine of impri­sonment, and incurring her Maiesties displeasure. And her Highnes doeth further straightly pro­hibite and forbid all her Iustices of the Peace, Maiors, Sheriffs, Constables, Bailiffs of Liberties, and other her Officers and ministers whatsoeuer, as they tender the auoyding of her Highnes dis­pleasure, from henceforth to be in any wise aiding or assisting to the execution of any the said Statutes or Commissions. And for the better execution of the Premisses, if any person or persons contrary to her Maiesties Proclamation and Prohibition, shall presume or execute any the said Grants or Com­missions, or to be in any wise ayding or assisting thereunto: Then her Highnes will and expresse com­mandement is to all Iustices of the Peace, Maiors, Sheriffes, Bailiffes, and all other her Officers and ministers whatsoeuer, to whom it shall or may appertaine, to attach and apprehend all and euery such Offendour and Offendours, and them to commit to the common Gaole of the countrey where such offences shalbe committed, there to remaine without Baile or Maineprise, vntill her Highnesse pleasure shall by her Honourable Priuie Counsell, or otherwise be signified what shalbe further done in that behalfe.

Prouided neuerthelesse, That where by meanes of the said Grants diuers Suits are already com­menced by the parties, and some of them depending in sundry her Maiesties Courts by way of Infor­mation or otherwise, at the charge of the said Patentees, her Highnesse also minding to put the same Suits to some good end, with the reasonable contentation of her Subiects, doth by vertue hereof au­thorize the Lord Chancellour of England, the Lord Treasourer of England, the Chancellour of her Court of Exchequer, and the Barons of the same Court, or two of them, whereof the Lord Chancel­lour to be one, for all causes determinable in the Chancery, and the Lord Treasourer one for all causes determinable in the Exchequer, to heare, order, end, or compound all the said causes as shall stand with equitie to the quiet of the parties molested, and the reasonable satisfaction of the Patentees aforesaid, ratifying and allowing whatsoeuer the said Lord Chancellour, Lord Treasourer, Chancellour and Barons as aboue is limitted, shall doe or conclude touching the Premisses.

God saue the Queene.

¶ Imprinted at London by Christopher Barker, Printer to the Queenes most Excellent Maiestie.

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