¶ By the Queene.

FOr asmuch as the Queenes Maiestie our Soueraigne Ladie, is crediblie enformed that the infection of the plague is at this present in sundry places in & about the Citie of Lon­don, and in other places neere adioyning to the same, whereas by the continuaunce therof, through the greater repayre and resorte of her louing subiectes, great perill and daunger myght not onlye ensue vnto her most royall person, but also to her most louing Subiectes, repairing thither for their suites and causes, and thereby also geue occasion of dispersing of the same in other partes of the Realme. Her Maiestie for the sayde necessarie consyderati­ons, and hoping that the same wyll by the goodnesse of almightie God, with the coldnesse of the yeere, and such holesome orders as are taken in her said Citie, the rather ceasse by the adiornement of parte of this next Terme of Saint Michael now at hande, from the vtas of the same, vntyll the fourth returne of the sayde Terme, called Mensis Michaelis next comming. Her Maiestie therefore of her especiall fauour and cle­mencie, is pleased and contented to adiourne the sayde Terme of Saint Michael, that is to say, from the vtas thereof, vn­to the sayde fourth returne of the saide Terme, called Mensis Michaelis next comming, which her Maiestie signifieth to all and singuler her louing subiects of this her Realme, to thintent that they and euery of them which hath cause or com­maundement to appeare in any of her highnesse Courtes at Westminster, in or at any day or tyme from and after the sayd vtas of Saint Michael, may tarry at their dwellings, or where their busines otherwise shall lie, without resorting to a­ny of the sayde Courtes for that cause, before Mensis Michaelis next comming, and that without daunger of forfaiture, pe­naltie, or contempt to incurre towardes her highnesse in that behalfe. And neuerthelesse her Maiesties pleasure is, that two of her Iustices, that is to say of eyther Benche one, shal the first day of Michaelmas Terme, called Octabis Michaelis, according to the auncient order of her lawes kepe the Essoynes of the saide Octabis Michaelis: at which vtas of Saint Mi­chael, writtes of adiournement shalbe directed to the said Iustices, geuing them aucthoritie to adiourne the sayde Terme of Saint Michael, that is to say, from the vtas thereof, vntyll Mensis Michaelis, as before is sayde: And the sayde adiourn­ment shalbe made in the first day of the sayde vtas, commonly called the day of the Essoynes. And further her Maiesties pleasure is, that all matters, causes, and suites depending in any of her other Courtes betweene partie and partie, as in her highnesse Courtes of Chauncerie, Starre chamber, and Exchequer, Courtes of wardes & Liueries, Duchie of Lan­caster, and Courte of requestes, shall haue continuaunce, and the parties shall haue day from the date of these presentes vn­to Mensis Michaelis, as before is sayd.

Prouided alway, and her Maiesties pleasure and commandement is, that all Collectours, Receauers, Sheriffes, and other accomptauntes, & all other persons that should or ought to accompte or pay any summe or summes of mony in any of her Maiesties Courte of Exchequer, Courtes of wardes & Liueries, or of her Duchie of Lancaster, or in any of them, or to enter into any accompt in any of the same Courtes, shall repayre vnto the accustomed places at Westminster, where her highnesse hath appointed such officers and ministers, as for that purpose her Maiestie hath thought expedient, and there to pay and do in euery behalfe, as though no such Proclamation of adiournement had ben had or made.

And her highnesse further pleasure and commaundement is, that all Sheriffes shal returne their wrytes and processe, against all such accomptauntes and debters at the dayes therein appointed. And if any person or persons, who ought to accompt or pay any summe or summes of money to her Maiestie in any the Courtes and places aforesayde, do make default therein: that then her highnesse wryttes and processe shalbe awarded and sent foorth against euerye such person and persons, and the same to be duely and orderlye serued and returned by the Sheriffes and officers thereunto appoyn­ted, in suche lyke maner and fourme, as the same should haue ben if this presente Proclamation had not ben made. And if any Sheriffe or other Officer shall make defaulte, or be negligent in seruyng, executyng, and returnyng of anye the wryttes & processe aforesayde: that then euery suche Sheriffe and other Officer shal incurre suche paynes and penalties, [...] by the sayde Courtes or any of them shalbe taxed and assessed: Willyng and commaundyng all and euery of her Ma­iesties Sheriffes, officers, ministers, & subiects, to whom it doth or shal appertayne, to obserue & keepe theyr assemblies, and apparaunces, with al theyr Returnes and Certificates in her highnesse said Courtes at Westminster in Mensis Micha­elis next commyng, then and there to be holden and kept, and there to do theyr offices and dueties in euery behalfe, in like maner and fourme, as they shoulde or ought to haue done yf this present Proclamation had not ben had or made, as they wyll answere to the contrary at theyr peryls.

God saue the Queene.

❧ Imprinted at London in Powles Churchyarde by Richard Iugge and Iohn Cawood, Printers to the Queenes Maiestie.

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