By the Quene,

RYght trusty and welbeloued, we greete you well. We vnderstande by sundry meanes, that where of late we ordered a proclamation to be publyshed in cer­teyne Counties vpon the Sea costes, for the licensyng of suche as reside in any portes of the Sea, or others, for theyr defence and safegarde to do theyr vttermost agaynst any the Frenche kynges subiectes, with further alowaunce of prizes of Frenche vesselles taken vpon the Seas, as further in the same pro­clamation appeareth: Sundrye lyght and lewde persons about our Citie of London, and suburbes of the same, haue by colour and false pretence of the sayde proclamation, beyng neyther proclaymed there at all, nor yet so intended, as by the manifeste wordes of the same proclamation appeareth, haue entred and seased the persons and goodes, not only of dyuers French men and women, lyuyng quietly and orderly without offence of any our subiectes: but also of such as are denizens, and so accompted in a maner our subiectes, and besydes that (whiche is not to be suffred vnpunyshed) of sundrye others, beyng in dede Englyshe borne, pretendyng them maliciously to be Frenche, and others beyng borne vnder the obedience of other Princes and states out of the Frenche kynges obeysaunce: By which disorder we perceaue that much disquietnes hath rysen. And therfore we wyll and commaunde you, that you shall notifie in places most notorious within our Citie of London, and suburbes of the same, that all persons, of what sort soeuer the same be, that haue ben thus molested in body or goodes, by pretence aforesayde, within our sayde Citie or suburbes, shalbe restored to full libertie, and that the disturbers be arrested and compelled to aunswere for theyr violen­ces and misdemeaners, as breakers of our peace, and trespassers, accordyng to the order of our lawes, eyther at the suite of the parties damaged, or at the suite of you being our Maior and Lieuetenaunt of our sayde Citie, so as some sharpe and euident punyshment folowyng, may geue cause to others here­after not to vse such outrages, agaynst order and without aucthoritie. And this our letter, or the sub­staunce therof, you shall publyshe and notifie.

Yeuen vnder our Signet at our Manour of Richmond, the second day of August, the fyfth yere of our reigne.

GOD saue the Quene.

¶Imprinted at London in Powles Churchyarde by Richarde Iugge and Iohn Cawood, printers to the Quenes Maiestie.

Cum priuilegio Regiae Maiestatis.

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