¶The seueral rates and taxations for wages, made & set forth by the Iustices of peace of the Countie of Rutland.

WHERE in the Parliament holden at Westminster, the xii. day of Ianuary last: It was enacted by the Quene our Soueraygne Ladye, the Lordes spirituall and Temporall, and the Commons in that Parliament assembled, that the Iustices of the peace of euery Sheere, Rydyng, and ly­bertie, within the limittes of their seuerall Commissions, or the more parte of them, being there resiaunt within the same, and the sheryffe of the Coun­tie yf he conueniently myght. And euery Maior, Baylyffe or other head officer within any Cytie or towne Corporate, wherein is any Iustice of peace, within the limittes of the sayd Citie or towne, shoulde by force of that acte, assemble them selues together accordyng to the tenour of the same acte. And therevpon should lymyt, rate and appoynt the wages of Ar­tificers, Handicraftes men, Husbandmen, Laborers, Seruauntes, and workemen, as by their dyscres­sions shoulde be thought mete, and accordyng to such aucthoritie as is geuen them by the sayde Acte, and the same rates and tarations shoulde certifye into the Quenes hyghnes Courte of Chauncerye, before a certen day lymytted in the sayde acte: Whervpon it should be lawefull for the Lorde Chauncelour, or Lord Keper of the great Seale of Englande for the time beynge, vpon declaration thereof to her highnes, her heires or Successours, or to the Lordes and others of her Maiesties preuye counsell, to cause proclama­tions to be made into euery of the sayde shyres and places, cōteyning the seuerall rates appointed by the sayde Iustices, and other head officers: Commaunding therby in her highnes name, all persons strayght­ly to obserue and kepe the same, vpon the daunger of the punyshment and forfeytures, lymitted and ap­poynted by the sayde Acte and statute.

AND where also it is further enacted by thauctoritie aforesayd: That al maner of person and per­sones, after suche proclamation made, shoulde obserue and kepe the saide rates for wages, vppon payne of the forfaytures and penalties conteyned in the same estatute, vntyll by a seconde proclamation, accor­dinge to the purporte of the same estatute, it shoulde be otherwise ordered and proclaymed.

Therefore the Quenes Maiestie hauing receiued into her said court of Chauncery, among diuerse other certificates from sondry of her highnes Shyres, Cities, and Townes, one certificate from this her Coun­tie of Rutlande, conteininge the rates for wages hereafter folowinge. And made and appointed by the Iustices of this her saide Countie of Rutlande, accordynge to the tenoure of the same acte: And mindinge to haue the same rates put in execution in all poyntes as by the processe of the same act is prescri­bed lyke as her Maiestie hath and entendeth to do in al other her highnes Counties and Shyres, and o­ther places of lybertie in this her Realme.

Therefore her highnes strayghtlye chargeth and commaundeth all maner of person and persons, within her saide Countie of Rutland, to kepe and obserue in al pointes the said rates, taxations, orders appointments for wages hereafter folowynge and set forth vpon the paynes & forfeytures appoynted by the said estatute, and vpon payne of her highnes dyspleasure. And further her highnes pleasure & expresse com­maundement is that al Iustices of peace, Sherifes, and other officers of her sayde Countie of Rutlande, shal see and cause the same rates, duely and seuerely to be obserued and kepte in all pointes, and this pro­clamacion to be vsed in euery behalfe, accordyng to the tenour and effect of the sayd acte.

AND her Maiesties further pleasure and commaundement is, that yf anye question, scrupule, or doubte shall ryse vppon anye of the taxacions or rates for thys Countie of Rutlande, here vnder men­tioned. That then the same shal be ordered and determined by her highnes Iustices of peace, that dyd make and ordeyne the same taxations & rates. And that all persons shal perfourme and kepe the same re­solutions orders and determinations, so by them to be made and determined, touchyng the same.

God saue the Quene.

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