¶The briefe content of certayne Actes of Parlia­ment, agaynst thinordinate vse of apparell.

Anno xxiiii. Henrici. viii.


    • Silke of the colour of purpure.
    • Cloth of
      • golde
      • Tissue.
    But onlye the
    • Kyng
    • Quene
    • Kinges
      • Mother.
      • Children.
      • Brethrē & sisters.
      • Uncles & Auntes
      and Except Dukes & Marquesses, who may weare in dublets and sleuelesse cotes, Cloth of Gold, of Tissue, not excea­dyng .v.li. the yarde, and Purpure in mantelles of the Garter.
    • Cloth of
      • Golde
      • Syluer.
      • [...] satin.
    • Sylke or cloth mixte or imbrode­red with Golde or Syluer, nor furre of Sables.
    Excepte Earles, and all degrees aboue Earles, and Uicountes, & Barons, in Doublets and sleuelesse cotes onely: cloth of Golde, Syluer, or Tynsell.
    • Wollen cloth made out of the Realme, but in bonets only.
    • Veluet
      • Crimsin.
      • Scarlet or
      • Blewe.
    • Furres
      • Black Ie­nets.
      • Lusernes.
    • Embrodery.
      • Dukes. and theyr chyldren.
      • Marquesses. and theyr chyldren.
      • Earles, and theyr chyldren.
    • Barons: and knyghtes, being companions of the garter.
    • Ueluet in
      • Gownes,
      • Coates with sleues or other vttermost garmentes.
    • Furre of Libardes.
    • Embrodery.
    • Pricking or pronting with
      • Golde
      • Syluer or
      • Sylke.
    Excepte Men of the degrees aboue mentioned. Barons sonnes Knyghtes, or men that may dispende. CC.li. by yere.
    • Sattin. Damske. Silke Chamlet or Taffata in Gowne. Coate with sleues or vtter­most garmēts.
    • Ueluet, otherwyse then in sleue­lesse iackets, Doublets, Coyfes, Partlettes or Purses.
    • Furre wherof the kynde groweth not within the Quenes domini­ons: except Foynes, gray Ienets, Bodge.
    Excepte The degrees nexte aboue mentioned: and Men that dispende C.li. by yere.
    • Sylke, other than Satin, Da­maske, Taffata, or Sarcenet in Doublets: and Sarcenet, Cham­lette, or Taffata in lynynge of gownes: & the same, or Ueluet, in sleuelesse Cotes, Iakets, Ierkens, Coyfes, Cappes, Purse or Part­lettes, being not of colour scarlet, crimsin, or blewe.
    • Furre of Foynes, graye Ienets, or other, as the lyke groweth not within the Quenes dominions.
    Excepte Men of the degrees aboue mentioned. Sonne & heyre apparaunt of a knyght, so sonne and heyre apparaūt of a man of .ccc. marke landes by yere. and Men that may dispend xi. li. by yere.

Note that the Lorde

  • Chauncelour.
  • Treasourer.
  • President of the [...].
  • Priuie [...]


  • Ueluet, Sattin, or other sylkes, except purpure.
  • Furres, except Blacke Ienets.

[Page]¶These maye weare as they [...] vsed here­to fore. [...] any

  • Of the kyngs councell.
  • Iustices of eyther benche.
  • Barons if the Eschequer.
  • Master of the Rolles.
  • Sergeauntes at lawe.
  • Maisters of the Chauncery.
  • Of the Quenes councell.
  • Apprentyses of lawe.
  • Phisitians of the Kyng, Quene, and Prince.
  • Mayres, and other head offycers of any townes corporate.
  • Barons of the .v. portes.


  • Ueluet.
  • Damaske
  • Sattin.

of the colour

  • Crimsin.
  • Uiolet.
  • Purpure.
  • Blewe.

¶Note that this Act extendeth not to prohibite a seruaunt from wearyng of any Cognisaūce or badge of hys maister: and in the same statute, Henchmen, Heraldes, Pursiuantes at armes, Players in Enterludes, runners at Iustes, Torneys, or such martiall feates, and such as weare apparell geuen by the Kyng or Quene, and such as shall haue lycence from the kyng, are priuileged: as by the Statute appeareth.

The ende of the Statute of .24. H. 8.

Anno. i. & .ii. Philippi & Marie.

¶None shall weare anye Sylke in

  • Hatte.
  • Bonet.
  • Nyghtcap.
  • Gyrdell.
  • Scabbarde.
  • Hosen.
  • Shoes.
  • Spurrelethers.


  • The sonne and heyre apparaunt or doughter of a knyght, or the wyfe of the sayde sonne.
  • A man that maye dispende .xx. li. by yeare, or is worth .CC. li. in goodes.

¶Note that euery person aboue the degree of a knyghtes sonne or his wyse, or doughter of a knyght, and euery head officer in townes corporate, and euery seruaunt of the Quenes wearyng ordinary liuery, may weare as they myght before this Acte.

¶These be the briefe contentes of certein partes of the lawes nowe remaynyng in force: and yet for the larger vnderstan­dyng thereof, the statutes of length are to be red and considered, by such as be dis­posed to obserue the same: for that the same can not so well abridged as were necessary.

There be also certeine other exceptions in the statutes, whiche are well to be consydered by them that wyll clayme any priuiledge therby.

Imprinted at London in Powles Churchyarde by Richarde Iugge and Iohn Cawood, Printers to the Quenes Maiestie.

Cum priuilegio Regiae maiestatis.

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