¶By the Quene

THe Quenes Maiestie perceyueth that notwithstanding her commaundement lately publyshed for the ceassing of certayne vayne and vntrue reportes touching a decry of monyes, yet the same continue styll, appoyntyng the same to be done from one mar­ket day to another, wherof arryseth great trouble amongst the people, and increase of the prices of all maner thinges both forrayne and natural, and specially of graine and other victuell: and for that her Maiestie thinketh that aswell some simple peo­ple of doubtfulnesse and without euyll meanyng do geue occasion to the continu­aunce of the sayde rumours, as the greedy and cursed sorte do to make an vnordi­nate gayne of theyr wares, grayne, bestiall, and other victuell, thynkyng nothyng enough for theyr vnsatiable & vnmercyful gredines. For remedy thereof both to content the one, and to refourme the other, her Maiestie doth plainely and sincerely declare to all maner her subiectes, that these foresayd rumours and reportes be vntrue, and that her Maiestie doth not determine to alter or decrye her monyes. And this her Maiestie woulde the honest sort of her subiectes to accept for trueth, and as to thother whose greedinesse or cu­riositie wyll not alow nor permit credit to be geuen to this her Maiesties Proclamation: Her Maiestie straight­ly chargeth all maner her ministers to see all such as shal after this Proclamation publyshed and notified, by any meanes set foorth any contrary report or speach, to be attached and emprisoned, and so to remayne without bayle or mainpryse duryng the space of three full monethes: and beyng therof duely conuicted, to be set openly vppon the Pyllory as persons that haue spredde sedicious rumours, and not to be deliuered vntyll he or they shall haue founde sufficient assuraunce of good abearyng. And yf any person shalbe conuicted to haue harde any other so of­fendyng, and haue not enfourmed therof the next Iustice of peace with conuenient spede: the same person also to be committed to prison duryng one moneth, as one that hath wyllyngly mayntayned a sedicious person, and to be further punyshed at the discretion of the Iustice that shall so commit hym. Finally her Maiestie wylleth the Iustices of peace in euery shire of this Realme, and other her ministers in all townes Corporate, to consulte together, not onely amongst them selues, but also with other Iustices and officers of other shires thereto adioy­yng, for the furniture of markets with victuel and grayne, for victuellers and other poore people, as the season of the yere requireth. And yf any sort shall wylfully and fraudulently holde vp or enhaunce the accustomed prices of any maner of thyng contrary to reason and good cause: her Maiestie woulde that the Iustices of peace and all Maiors and other officers aswel within liberties as without, shoulde apply them selues to refourme the same, as [...] good order in such cases is requisite. And if the enormitie of the offendour shall seme so to require, to sende vp the offendour to her priuie counsell, to receaue such further punyshment as shalbe in reason deuised for the same and yf the sayde Iustices and other ministers shall not therein vse the aucthoritie to them commytted for the ap­ [...]rynge of suche vnordinate extremities, her Maiestie wyll not fayle but haue regarde thereto, and see theyr de­ [...]ltes in that behalfe supplyed by seuere punyshment, as in such weyghtie cases reason and order requireth.

Geuen at her Maiesties Pallaice of Westminster the .xiii. of Marche, the fourth yere of her Maiesties most pro [...]as raygne.

God saue the Queene.

¶Imprinted at London in Powles Church yarde by Richard Iugge and Iohn Cawood Printers to the Quenes Maiestie.

Cum priuilegio Regiae Maiestatis.

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