¶ Articles for instruction of all the Uiceadmi­ralles within the Realme, howe to proceade for the preseruation of the quiet trade of all Marchauntes and Fysshermen, aswell strangers as Englyshe, resortyng to the Seas for exercise of theyr lawfull trades.

THe Uiceadmiralles in euery part of this Realme, shal in theyr owne persons, if they possible may, or els by theyr deputies, repaire immediatly to all the Portes & Crekes within theyr iurisdiction, and callyng vnto them the Maiors. Bailiffes, Iurates, or other gouernours, with the Customers, Comptrollers, and Serchers of euery such Port and Creke, shall impart to them the contentes of these Articles folowyng. For speedy execution wherof, the Queenes Maiesties pleasure is, that euery one of the sayd officers shall endeuour them selues, as to theyr callyng shall appertayne.

Fyrst, the sayde Uiceadmiralles, with the helpe of the sayde officers, shall by an inquest taken, or otherwyse, enquire howe many vesselles do belong distinctly to euery Porte and Creke, who be the owners therof, what the burdens and names therof be: and if they be gone to the Seas, then to vnderstande when they departed thence, with what Captaines or Masters, with howe many personnes, with what wares or marchaundizes: how much customed, howe much not, to what partes their iourney was entended, and when their returne was loked for. And this inquisition made, the sayde Uiceadmirals shall cause the same to be put in wrytyng, and sub­scribed by the handes of him selfe and these officers abouesayde.

The lyke shalbe done touching all other vesselles remayning in any port, and not sent forth to the Seas: and it shalbe vnderstande that it is not requisite to certifie by force hereof anye vesselles vnder the burden of .xvi. Tonnes, except it shal appeare that any vnder that burden are departed to the seas suspiciously to do some euyll, in which case they shall certifie as muche as shall seeme to them conuenient.

Item they shall enquire and certifie howe many Mariners be dwellyng within euery Port and Creke, howe many of them Masters and Pilotes, howe many others, and howe many maried, howe many vnmaried, howe many owners of Shippes and Uesselles, and how many not.

Item it shalbe enquired whether any vessell of any Port, or any person haue gone foorth out of any Porte or Creke sithens March last, being not a notorious marchaūt man, or a dayly fysherman, without good suertie ge­uen for his good behauiour, as by auncient order hath ben vsed: and of these, certificat shalbe made in maner and fourme aboue expressed.

Item after this viewe taken in euery Port and Creke, the owners of euery vessel shalbe enioyned vpon payne of forfaiture of theyr vessel, not to suffer theyr vesselles to go to the seas without good suertie geuen to the Uice­admirall, or to the principall officer of the Porte, for to aunswere all maner of thynges that shalbe obiected a­gaynst them: so as the Queenes Maiestie meaneth to charge eyther the Uiceadmirall or the chiefe ruler of the port towne, to aunswere hereafter for all maner of spoyles to be done by any vessell of such Port: And therfore the sayde Uiceadmirall and other officers, shall do well to see to the obseruation of this charge, and yet to exact nothyng vppon anye of them for the sayde assuraunce: but suche as be not to be suspected, to take theyr owne [...]andes: and of others to take suerties. In this matter, except they see cause, they shall not nede to trouble the honest [...]yshermen, that do wekely go to the Seas and wekely returne.

Item commaundement shalbe geuen in euery Port and Creke, that no maner of shyppe, other then knowen Marchauntes and fysshermen, shall from that time folowing, be permitted to come into any Porte or Creke to receaue any succour of victuall, or to discharge or set vpon lande any maner of thyng, vntyll eyther the Uicead­mirall or his deputie, or the principall officer of the towne or place shall haue due knowledge whether the sayde ship haue haunted the seas for any other purpose then for Marchaūdizes or fisshing, or for some speciall seruice done by aucthoritie of her Maiestie: and yf any shalbe found suspected of any euil doyng, the same shalbe arested and examined, and as the cause shall require, certificate to be made to the Lorde Admirall of Englande.

Item because there be diuers Skottyshmen and some Englishe with them, that haunte the Seas vnder colour of a letter of Marke, to take the subiectes of the king of Portugale, whereby many inconueniences haue lately ensued: order and commaundement shalbe geuen, that if any shippe or vessell shall come into any Porte or Creke, with any wares or goodes that may be suspected to haue ben taken by colour of such letter of Marke, or if any person pretendinge to haue any such letter of Marke, shall come to any Porte or Creke for victuall or any succour: The Captayne, Master or Pylot of the same shalbe arrested, attached, and examined, and the same beyng certified to the sayde lorde Admirall, shall not be permitted to departe before aunswere geuen from her Maiestie, her priuie Counsayle, or the sayde Admirall. And yf any person shall repayre to any suche suspected vessell eyther to buye any thyng of them, or to succour them with any thynge, the same shalbe commytted to pryson, and there remayne vntyll the sayd Lorde Admirall shall geue order therein.

Fynally the sayde Uiceadmirall and thother offycers shall consult emonges themselues, howe they may not onely execute these articles effectually, but also howe it maye be surely ordred by some other lyke meanes, that neyther such as be Pyrates and Rouers shall haue succour, but be apprehended: and howe also none other may hereafter be permitted to go to the seas for such euil entent and purpose, and their perticuler orders in that be­halfe shalbe by them certified to the Lord Admirall. For such is the principal entent of her Maiestie, to prouide that in time of peace both her owne subiectes and other Princes might vse the trade of Marchaundizes in this Realme, or fysshyng vpon the costes without the daunger of depredacion.

❧ God saue the Queene.

¶Imprinted at London in P [...]les Church yarde by Richard Iugge and Iohn Cawood, printers to the Queenes Maiestie.

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