¶By the Queene,

THe Queenes Maiestie vnderstandyng that certayne malicious persons haue of late tyme caused a report to be made in forren partes, that a great part of such Armour and prouisions of warre as by her Maiestie hath of late yeres ben made in Germany for her owne vse, should be trans­ported into the countries of Russia, wherby the countreys of Christendom adioynyng thereto, beyng at warre with the Duke of the sayde countreys of Russia shoulde take great hurte and damage. And consideryng that al­though this rumour be knowen to be false, vayne, and malicious, yet if it shoulde be permitted without contradiction to be caried frō place to place, hurte & offence myght come to her Maiesties name and credit amonges Christian Princes: Hath ther­fore both notified the falsenesse therof to diuers Princes and common weales in Germany, where the report hath ben made, with request to them to procure knowledge of the first Authors therof, and offer of rewarde for the same, and by this her present Proclamation doth let it to be knowen to all maner of persons, that there was neuer prouided, neither ment to be had out of Germany or els where any one peece of Armour or thyng belongyng to warre by her Maiestie, but onely for the vse and seruice of her owne countries. And as her Maiestie neuer ment otherwyse, so thinking surely that none of her sub­iectes haue done to the contrary at any tyme: Her strayght commaundement is, that none shall buye or prouide of Armour or such lyke, to be eyther directly or indirectly sent eyther into Russia or to any place that is in warre with any nation of Christendome, vpon payne of forfaiture of as much as by the par­ties may be forfaited. And for redresse of this false reporte and slaunder, her Maiestie is so desirous to haue the Authors thereof knowen, as whosoeuer shall presently detecte the same, shall haue no small rewarde of her Maiestie.

God saue the Queene.

¶Imprinted at London in Powles Church­yarde, by Richard Iugge and Iohn Cawood, Printers to the Queenes Maiestie.

Cum priuilegio Regiae Maiestatis.

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