❧ By the Queene.

THE QUENES Maiestie contynuing in her former earnest disposition to deliuer this Realme from the infamy of all maner of base monyes, and to restore the same to thauncient possession of as good monyes in fynes, as euer was in the same, meaninge thereby besyde thaduancement of thonour and fame of this Realme, to restore by course of tyme, thancient good chepenes and prices of all things necessary for the vse of her Subiectes, hath by good aduise of her Counsell, thoughte mete by this Proclamation to make euen a full ende of thabo­lishing of all kinde and maner of base monies within this Realme, and therefore [...]e at this time no other base monies be lefully curraunt, but onely two small peces, whereof one is yet cur­raunt for peny halpeny, and thother for halfpeny farthing, and besides theym as it is thoughte, there remaineth some smale quantitie of three other pieces of base monies, scantly worth consideration, which were in former time coyned one for a peny, one other for a halfpeny, and a third for a farthing, and nowe not certaynelye valued, but yet amonges common people taken vncertaynelye. Her Maiestie geueth all her Subiectes to vnderstande, that [...]ne of all the said peces of base monies, nor any other kynd of base money, shalbe taken or allowed to be as cur­raunt money within this Realme of Englande, after the twentie daye of Iuly next, but to be accompted from the sayd twenty day of Iuly as Bullion, and yet for reliefe of all such as shall, at, or before that tyme possesse anye of the same: Her Maiestie is pleased that whosoeuer shall bring any of the said two former peces nowe curraunt, for three halfpence, or three farthinges, betwixt this & the xxv. of August next ensuing to her Myntes in the Tower, shall haue for the same in fyne moneys, not onely the values according to the rates of the sayd three halfpence, and three sarthinges, but also in consideration of their portage, three pence for euery pound thereof, within the space of twentie dayes or lesse, and after the sayd xxv. of August, vntill the xx. of Septembre, to haue onely the value according to the seuerall rates of three halfpence, and three farthinges, without any allowaunce for portage: And as to thother base peces being taken for the values of halfpenyes and vnder whereof there is litle accompt to be made, because of the smale quantitie coyned thereof, yet for the satisfying of euery person that shall haue any suche smale peces at any tyme betwixt this and the twenty day of Septembre, the same shall haue at the said Mintes, the full value of the syluer conteyned in the same, as the same shalbe duely proued, and from the sayd xx. of Septem­bre, her Maiestie determineth to receaue no more base monies of this Realme, into any her Myntes. And thus her Maiestie hauing now as it were atcheued to the victory and conquest of this hidiouse monster of the base mo­nies, which although it hath had no great continuaunce in this Realme, yet hath the same bene in parte no smale occasion of many euyles in the same: Willeth and requireth al maner her Subiectes, to vse all the expedition that they may in bringing to the Myntes all their base monyes, that her Maiesties officers and ministers appointed [...] refyning and coynage may spedely ende this good worke, and not to wast their time for lacke of spedye bryn­gyng in thereof, as of late they haue done to the great charge of her Maiestie, and her sayd Ministers.

God saue the Quene.

Imprinted at London in Powles Churchyarde, by Richard Jugge and John Cawood Printers to the Queenes Maiestie.

Cum priuilegio Regiae Maiestatis.

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