❧ By the Queene.

THE Queenes Maiestie continuing her most gracious purpose, to the reformation of the base monies of this Realme, and hauyng alreadye caused to be coyned in fyne sterling monyes such quantity, as being added to other fine moneys coyned in the tymes of her late deare Brother and Syster, King Edward, and Queene Mary, doth furre exceade the quantitie of moneys, vsed of auncient tyme in this Realme: Hath by aduise and good deliberation had with her Counsayle, thought necessary to proceede to the diminution of certaine base monies, yet remayninge curraunt within her Realme. And because her Maiestie desyreth nothing more then to dys­charge her Subiectes, and specially her poore Comminaltie of all maner of burden, to be susteyned herein: Her Maiestie by aduise of her sayde Counsayle, hath thus or­dered as followeth.

FIRST her Maiestie giueth all her Subiectes to vnderstand, that all peeces of base monies, latelye valued and now curraunt at iiii. d. ob. shall not be taken ne allowed as curraunt money, after the ix. day of Apryll next following, which is xv. dayes after our Lady day in Lent, and is by her Maiestie so speciallye ap­poynted, because the Tenauntes and meaner sorte of her Subiectes, that lyue as Tenauntes, and Fermers, may haue a conuenient tyme to pay theyr Rentes at our sayde Ladye daye withoute trouble, yf they shall chaunce to haue prepared any part of the same in the sayd sortes of money. And from the sayd ix. day of April, the said pieces of iiii. d. ob. to be accompted not curraunt but Bullion. And because neither the poorer, nor the rycher sort of her Maiesties Subiectes, should take any losse by the conuerting of the same, at that time into Bullion: Her Maiestie is pleased, that whosoeuer will bring any of the same monies betwixt this and the xxv. of Aprill, to her Mynte in the Towre, shall haue for the same, both the value, accordinge to the rate of iiii. d. ob the peece, and iii. d. for the pounde, in newe sterling monies, within the space of twenty dayes, or lesse. And after that, vntill the xx. of May, to haue for the same, the like rate, sauing and excepting the iii. d. vpon the pound: and from thence forwarde, her Maiestie meaneth to receaue no more of the same into her Minte.

Furthermore, her Maiestie thinketh meete to admonyshe her Subiects, that although in the beginning of this refyning and coynage, such difficulities happened, as the expedition of exchaunge could not be so spedi­ly made as was ment: Yet for that it is manifest, that vse and experience hath taken away all those difficul­ties, and that nowe the ministers of her Mintes, be able to make spedy retourne of fyne monies, for the base: Her Maiestie would that her Subiects should not forbeare to come to her sayde Myntes, without doubte there to be satysfied, for smale summes at sight, or within two or three dayes, and for greater, within. viii. or tenne, and at the furthest not to continue aboue twenty, for so her Maiestie vnderstandeth the habilitie of her officers nowe to doe it, and so hath directed them to execute the same.

Finallye, her Maiestie chargeth all manner her Subiects, to indeuour themselues to bring vnto her Mintes, not onely the sayde base monies of iiii. d. ob. but also as they maye conuenientlye, the other peeces of i. d. ob. and ob. q. whiche her Maiestie dothe permit to remaine currante for the ease of her people, for lacke of small monies, of which sort is ment to haue a coynage as shortlye as may be, in good and fyne sterlinge monies. And because it may be, that diuers of her Maiesties owne proper Tenauntes, Fermers, Bailiffes, or Receauers, may after the saide ninthe of Aprill haue in their handes percell of her Maiesties reuenues, her pleasure and contentation is, that her officers in the receipte of her Exchequer, shall receaue the same as currant money vntill the xxv. of Maye next.

God saue the Queene.

Imprinted at London in Powles Churchyarde, by Richard Jugge, and John Cawood, Printers to the Queenes Maiestie.

Cum priuilegio Regiae Maiestatis.

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