❧ By the Queene.
¶ A Proclamation to adiourne part of Midsommer Terme.

THE Queene our Soueraigne Ladie for diuers vrgent causes and great considerations, her Maiestie specially mouing, and for the high Commoditie of her most louing subiects, by the aduise of her most Ho­nourable Councell, is fully resolued and determined to adiourne part of this next Terme of the holy Trinity, commonly called Trinity Terme: that is to say, the Vtas of the holy Trinity, the Quindecim of the holy Trinity, and Tres Semaynes of the holy Trinity, vnto the Vtas of S. Michael next comming, beeing the first day of Michaelmas Terme: And therefore her Maiestie doth signifie vnto all and singular her louing subiects, that they and euery of them, which haue cause or commandement to appeare in any of her Highnesse Courts at West­minster, at the Vtas, Quindecim, and Tres Semaines of the holy Trinity, or at any of them, or at any day meane betweene any of the said three Returnes, may tarry at their dwellings, or where their businesse otherwise shall lie, without resor­ting to any of the said Courts for that cause. And that without danger of forfeiture, penaltie, or con­tempt to incurre towards her Highnesse in that behalfe. And neuerthelesse, her Maiesties pleasure is, that two of her Iustices, that is to say, of either Bench one, shall the first day of this next Trinity Terme, called Crastino Trinitatis, according to the auncient order of her Lawes, keepe the Essoynes of the said Crastino Trinitatis, and so to keepe & continue the said Courts in her said two Benches at Westmin­ster, vntill the first day of the Vtas of the holy Trinitie next, to the intent that they may make an order for the continuance of processe depending in the said Courts; And also award Writs and Records of Nisi Prius, and such other processe as may be for the furtherance of Causes and suits depending before them: At which Vtas of the holy Trinitie Writs of Adiournement shall be directed to the said Iustices, giuing them authoritie to adiourne the said Vtas, Quindecim, and Tres Semaynes of the said Trinitie Terme. And that the same adiourenment shall be made in the first day of the said Vtas, commonly cal­led the day of the Essoynes. And whereas in the terme of the holy Trinitie, yeerely it hath beene vsed and accustomed, that the dayes and places of the Circuits of the Queenes Iustices of the Gaole deli­ueries, Assises, Nisi Prius, and Oyer and Determiner, haue beene appointed and set vp in open places, to the intent that euery person hauing cause of suite before them, might haue knowledge of the sayd times and places, for the better and redier expedition of their said suits; Her Maiesties pleasure is that the same order of appointment both for the times, dayes, and places of the said Gaole deliueries, Assises, Nisi Prius, and Oyer and Determiner, now for this time be appointed and set vp, and notice made thereof this present Terme of Easter, for the better knowledge thereof to be had for them that shall haue to doe before them. And her Maiesties further pleasure is, that all matters, causes, and suits depending in any of her other Courts, betweene partie and partie, as in her Highnes Courts of Chauncery, Starre Chamber, and Exchequer, and Court of Wards and Liueries shall haue conti­nuance, and the parties shall haue day from the last day of this Terme, vnto the first day of Michael­masse Terme next comming. Prouided alwayes, that all Collectors, Receauours, Sheriffes and other Accomptants, and all other persons that ought, or should accompt or pay any money in any of the same Courts of the Exchequer, Court of Wards and Liueries, or in any of them, or to enter into any accompt in any of the same Courts, shall be bound to appeare, pay, and doe in euery behalfe, as though no such Proclamation of adiornement had beene had, Any thing mentioned in this present Proclamation, or in any Writ of Adiornement to the contrary in any wise notwithstanding. And the Queenes Maiestie straightly chargeth and commandeth, that no Clerke or Officer, of any of her sayd Courts of Kings Bench, or Common Place shall make any Processe for the personall appearance of any person in any of the same Courts, to be had in Crastino of the holy Trinitie next comming.

God saue the Queene.

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