¶ By the Quene.

ALthough the Quenes most excellent Maiestie myght accordyng to the good exam­ple of good and wyse Prynces, leuie great sommes of money at this presente, by [...]ue execution of sundrye holsome lawes, vpon great nombre of her subiectes, for transgressyng the same, and namely for the weryng of such excessiue and inordinat apparell, as in no age hath ben sene the lyke, wherby also shoulde ensue such no­table benefite to the common wealth, as harde it were by any other wayes to de­uyse so greate. yet the singuler goodnes of her Maiesties nature is such, to for­beare thextendyng of anye sodayne and vnloked for extremitie, that in these caces her Maiestie hath thought rather necessary by this Proclamation to notifie her hyghnes determinacion, with her priuie counsayle, amonges many other her weyghtie affayres for this that foloweth, then sodenly textende the penaltie of her lawes.

Fyrst her Maiesties sayde counsayle, by her commaundement, shall and wyll presently take order that the sta­tute made in the first & seconde yeares of kyng Phyllyp and Quene Mary, and certeyne other braunches of an other Statute made the .xxiiii. yeare of kyng Henry the eyght, agaynst excessiue apparell, shalbe put in executi­on both within her Maiesties court, and in theyr owne houses, with a certeyne fauourable proceadynge, tou­chyng such as can not presently without theyr ouergreat losse, chaunge theyr vnlawefull apparell which they presently haue. Wherein because her Maiestie trusteth that thexample shall enduce the rest of her subiectes to reforme theyr disorders: Her Maiestie hath wylled her sayde priuie counsayle, to publyshe by her aucthoritie theyr decree and order in this behalfe.

And for lyke tolleracion toward such as liue in the countrey out of her court, her Maiestie chargeth forth­with all Maiors and gouernours of Cities and Townes corporate, al Sheryffes and Iustices of peax in shires, all noble men of thestate of Barons and aboue, al gouernours and heddes of any societies or companies, eyther Ecclesiasticall or Temporall, fourthwith, or at the furthest within the space of .xii. dayes after the publication hereof, to deuise, accorde, and take order, eyther accordyng to thexample of her Maiesties counsell, or els after some other better maner, as the place shall require for thexecution of the foresayde Statute and braunches spe­cified hereafter, in a briefe abstract and draught annexed to this Proclamacion within the limitte of theyr charge, so as her Maiestie may take some comfort of her tolleracion, and the common wealth some reliefe of the greate damage hereby susteyned. Wherein yf her Maiestie shall see her expectacion deceiued, she shal therby haue iust occasion to procede with execution of her lawes, both to the benefite of her common weale, and to the cha­stisement of such disordred subiectes, as being fauourably warned, wyl not amende. Which thyng her Maiestie purposeth certeynely to do in more effectuall sorte than heretofore hath bene. And because the tolleracion of these abuses shall not be drawen to any sinister occasion of continuaunce of this abuse:

Her Maiestie chargeth and commaundeth that there be no tolleracion had, nor excuse allowed, after the xx. day of December next, as touchyng all the contentes of the sayde Statute, in the first and seconde yeares of kyng Phyllyp and Quene Mary, neyther after the last of Ianuary next, as touchyng the braunches of thother Statute of the .xxiiii. yere of kyng Henry the eyght, noted hereafter in thend of this Proclamacion, other then is conteyned in the same Statutes and braunches. Except it be for certeyne costly furres and riche enbroderies bought and made by sundry gentlemen, before this Proclamacion, to theyr great costes, with which her hygh­nesse is pleas [...] [...]o dispence.

Yeuen at her highnes palays of Westminster, the xxi. day of October, the fyrst yeare of her Maiesties reigne.

¶The briefe content of certayne actes of Parliament agaynst thinordinate vse of apparell.

Anno .xxiiii. Henrici .viii.

None shall weare in his apparell any

    • Cloth of
      • Golde
      • syluer,
      • or tincele.
    • Satyn, sylke, or cloth [...] with golde or syluer, nor any Sables.
    Except Erles, and al of superiour degrees and Uiscountes, and Barons in theyr doblets & sleuelesse coates.
    • Wollen Cloth made out of the Realme
    • Ueluet
      • Crimsin
      • Scarlet or
      • Blewe.
    • Furres.
      • Blacke Ienets.
      • Luzerns
    • Dukes theyr children.
    • Marquesses theyr children.
    • Erles theyr children or
    • Barons & knyghtes of thorder.
    • Ueluet in
      • Gownes
      • Coates, or vtter most garments.
    • Furre of Libardes Embroderye
    • Pricking or printyng
      • with golde
      • syluer or
      • sylke.
    • Barons sonnes.
    • Knyghtes or mē that may dispend cc.li. by yere
    • Taffata Satyn Damaske or sylke Chamlet in his vttermost garmentes.
    • Ueluet otherwyse then in Iakectes, dobletes. &c Furre whereof the kynde groweth not within the Quenes dominions. Except
      • Grey Ie­nets.
      • Bodge.
    Except A man that may dispende one hundred pounde by yere.

Anno .i. et .ii. Philippi et Mariae.

None shall weare any sylke in

  • Hatte,
  • Bonet,
  • Nyghtcap,
  • Gyrdell,
  • Scabbard,
  • Hosen,
  • Shoes,
  • Spurlethers.


  • The sonne and heyre or doughter of a knight or the wyfe of the sayd sonne.
  • A man that may dispende .xx. li. by yere, or is woorth two hundred poundes in goodes.

¶These be the briefe contentes but of certayne partes of the lawes now remaining in force, to thobseruance whereof her maiestie thynketh best to induce her sub­iectes by thys shorte memoriall, and yet neuerthelesse wisheth that all of inferior estates, shoulde not neglect the rest of the same lawes, leste if they shalbe founde to contemne these orders here mencioned, they maye fele the payne of the rest.

There be certaine other exceptions in the Statutes: as for suche as haue licence by the Quenes Maiestie, or such as shall run in any Iustes, or shall serue in warre, or shal haue apparell geuen thē to be worne by her Maiestie and such like. All whiche are wel to be consydred by them that wyl clayme any priuilege thereby, and that at theyr peryll.

¶And where there is menciō made of va­lues of yerely liueloodes & goodes, the best accompt therof is to be made by the taxa­tions in this last subsedy, so as if any wil be excused by pretence of hys lyueloode or substaunce, to offende, it is as meete that he aunswere to the Prince in subsedye for that value, as seke defence to breake anye good lawe, wherof her maiestie geueth to all men admonition.

Anno. M. D. L.IX. Mense Octobris

¶Imprinted at London by Richarde Iugge and Iohn Cawood, printers to the Quenes Maiestie.

¶ Cum priuilegio Regiae Maiestatis.

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