By the Quenes Maiestie,

ELizabeth by the grace of God Quene of Englande Fraunce and Ireland, defendour of the fayth. &c. Because it hath pleased almightie God by calling to his mercie out of this mortall lief to our greate grief our derest suster of noble memorie Mary late Quene of England, Fraunce and Ireland (Whose soule God haue) to dispose and bestowe vppon vs as the onely right heyre by bludde and lawfull succession the crowne of the foresayed king­domes of England, Fraunce and Ireland, with all maner titles and rightes therunto in any wise apperteyning: We do publishe and giue knowledge by this our Proclamacion to all maner peple being naturall subiectes of euery the sayd kingdomes, that from the beginning of the .xvij. daye of this moneth of Nouember, at whiche tyme our sayd derest suster departed from this mortall lief, they be discharged of all bondes and duties of subiection towardes our sayd suster, and be from the same tyme in nature and lawe bounde only to vs as to their only Soue­taigne Lady and Quene: Wherwith we do by this our Proclamacion streightly chardge and allye them to vs, promising on our parte no lesse loue and care towards their preseruacion, then hath been in any of our progenitours, and not doubting on their parte but they will obserue the dyeuty whiche belongeth to naturall, good and true louing subiectes.

AND further we streightly charge and commaund, all maner our sayd subiectes of euery degree, to kepe them selues in our peax, and not to attempt vppon anny pretence the breache, al­teration or chaunge of any ordre or vsage presently established within this our Realme, vppon payn of our indignacion and the perilles and punishment which therto in any wise may belong.

God saue the Quene,

Imprynted at London by Rychard Iugge Printer vnto the Quenes higtnes.

Cum priuilegio ad imprimendum solum.

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