By the kynge and Quene

THE Quenes moste excellente hyghnes intendyng very shortly to prepare and sette for the a nauye of shyppes vnto the seas, aswell for the defence of her Maiestyes Re­almes and Dominions, as also for the better annoyaunce and empeachement of thenemie, doth by vertue of this her hyghnes proclamation, strayghtly charge and commaund that no maryner or watermanne belongyng to the Sea or Thamys be from henceforthe emprested by anye person or persons, or employed in anye other seruyce, but to be reserued and spared, to the publyque seruice of her hyghnes and the Realme, vpon the water, for the furniture of her said Nauie.

And to thintente no deceite or fraude be vsed by anye of her hyghnes subiectes, to the violation and breache of thys proclamation, and hynderaunce of so expedyent and necessary a seruyce intended by the same. Lyke as her Maiestye vtterly forbyddeth that any man shal hereafter vnder pretence of enterteynmente or retinue, kepe any mariner or waterman but he shall suffer the same to be taken vp and employed by the Lorde Admirall and hys in­ferior officers, for the seruyce of her Maiestye vppon the Seas, soo doeth her hyghnes hereby moste strayghtly charge and commaunde vpon payne of deathe, that all and euerye the sayde maryners and watermen, be and shewe them selues after the publyshynge hereof obedient, aswell to the sayd Lorde Admyrall hym selfe, as to his inferior and vnder officers also of the admiraltye, wythout refusall or contradiction of anye order to be by hym or them taken, for the aduauncement and furtheraunce of her Maiesties seruyce in this behalfe.

God saue the kynge and the Quene.

❧ EXCVSVM Londini in aedibus Iohannis Cavvodi. Typographi Regiae maiestatis.

Anno. M. D. L. viii.

Cum priuilegio Regiae maiestatie.

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