By the Kynge and the Queene.

THe Quenes moste excellent maiestie, being credibly enformid, That notwithstanding dyuers of her highnes restraintes, and proclamations lately made and sette furthe, aswell for the stay from goynge to the Sea of Shyppes, and other vessels, and of shipmasters, mariners, gonners, sea faryng men, and watermē fittic and hable to serue her maiestie in these present warres, for the defence of her highnes Realmes, dominions, and people, as also for the more annoyaunce, and impeachment of thenemies of the same. Yet neuertheles no small number of the best and hablest of the sayde Shipmasters, maryners, gonners, Sea farynge men, and watermen, contrarye to the obedience, and duety of good subiectes, not regardinge the premisses, but in contempte thereof, haue withdrawen them selues from her highnes sayd seruyce, and by colorable meanes conueyed them selfes into dyuers good shyppes, and other vessels, lately set fourthe towardes outewarde Realmes, and places, in voyadges, for traficque of marchaundises. And also in aduenturynge and warrefare. So as by such vndewe meanes, and disobedience, her maiesties nauy royall cannot be furnyshed, but with the refuse, and basyst sort of men of seruyce, much to the daunger and hinderaunce of her highnes sayde nauye royall, and also of her maiesties sayd realmes, dominions and people.

FOR reformation and spedy redresse whereof and to thend, that the same, her maiesties sayd nauye royall, and present seruyce, may be furth with the better furnished & appoynted, both with the principall and choise of such shippes, and other vessels, And also of the said shipmaisters, mary­ners, gonners, sea faring men, and watermen, as be at this time most mete and able, to serue the same, according to her highnes exspectation, and order taken in that behalfe.

HER highnes doth by this her maiesties proclamation expressly, and straightly charge, and commaund, yt frō henceforth no maner of persō or persons vnder paine of confiscation & forfeyture of there shippes and goodes, and also of imprisonment of their bodyes, do attempt by any waies or meanes, to set furth vnto the Sea, oute of any hauon, ryuer, creke, or place, of this her highnes Realme of Englande, or Wales, vpon any maner of voyadge either on marchaundizes, aduentu­rynge, or otherwyse, any maner of ship, or kinde of vessell, without a speciall lycence be first obtey­ned, and had for that intent vnder the great Seale of her Maiesties Admyralty, in dewe forme to be made, as in such cases it hath bene vsed and accustomed, any proclamation heretofore made and sette forth to the contrary in any wise not withstandinge. And her hyghnes dothe lykewyse charge and commaund that all such shippes and vessels, and also al capytaines, shipmasters, ma­ryners, and other personnes, that are gone to the Sea, at their owne aduenture or otherwyse, by force or color of her maiesties proclamation, set forth for that purpose, do (vnder like paine) retorne againe into this Realme, before the last day of this present moneth of May, the same her hyghnes proclamation or any other thing therin conteined, to the contrary in any wyse notwithstanding.

AND furthermore her maiestie doth straightly and expressly charge and commaund, al vice admirals, Maiors, Sheriffes, bayliffes, and other hed officers and gouernors of cities, countyes, boroughes, townes, & places by the Sea costes, of her highnes said realme of England & wales, that euery of them, al respects set apart, and as they tēder her maiesties fauor, do effectually for se that this her maiesties proclamation, may be with al expeditiō duly published. And also truelye obeyed, kept, and obseruyd, as euery of thē wil answere for the contrary at his extreme peryll.

God saue the Kynge and the Quene.

EXCVSVM LONDINI IN AEDIBVS Iohannis Cavvodi, Tipographi Regiae Maiestatis.

Anno. M. D. LVIII

Cum piuilegio ad imprimendum solum.

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