By the Kynge and the Queene.

THE QVENES Maiestie beynge enformed that a number of gentlemen, and others of good hauor, hauinge dwellynge places, and mansion houses, in diuerse Shires of the Realme (whose abode there, specially at thys tyme of seruyce, should be requisite and necessary) haue withdrawen them selfes from thence, and lye here in or aboute the citie of London. Do the therefore strayghtlye charge and commaunde, that al and euery such gentlemen, shal before the .xx. daye of Apryll next, departe home vnto their dwellynges and mansion houses, beynge in the sayd Shires, and there to put them selfes in a redynes to serue the queenes hyghnes, and the country, as nede and occasion shal requyre, onles they be such as remayne here by specyall order and commaundement, vpon payne of imprisonment, and further fine at her hyghnes pleasure. Dated at her maiesties manor of Grenewhich the .xxx. day of March.

God saue the Kynge and the Quene.

EXCVSVM LONDINI IN AEDIBVS Iohannis Cavvodi, Tipographi Regiae Maiestatis.

Anno. M. D. LVIII.

Cum priuilegio ad imprimenĀ­dum solum.

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