By the Kynge and the Quene.

WHere at the openyng and begynnyng of the warres with the frenche, the Queenes Maiestie caused her proclamacyon to be made and therein gaue warning and licence to so many of that nation inhabitynge within this Realme as were not denizons to depart the same, within forty daies after, vpon payne to be taken as enemies. For asmuch as her highnes is giuen to vnderstand that this notwithstanding there remayneth to this houre, aswell within the Citie of London, as ells where in sundrye other partes of the Realme, no smale numbre of the saide french men whiche be no denizons at all, and yet not auoyded hence accordyng to the tenure of the sayde proclamation, to the manyfest contempt thereof, and tendyng not onely to the great daunger of thys common welth, by such practyses as they myghte attempte. But also ministryng iust occasion of murmour, and discontentacion to others her naturall and louyng subiectes: Her Maiesties pleasure therefore is, forasmuch as they haue not vsed her hyghnes clemencye and mercye, but contrary wyse by disobeing the same shewed a manifest contempte of her commaundemente, that furthwc vpon the publyshyng of thys her highnes presente pro­clamation, it shalbe leful for anye of her sayde louynge subiectes not onely to take the sayd french men not being denyzons, and euerye of thē prisoners, and so to vse them, But also for theyr apprehensyon and ta­kyng of them in that sorte shall enioye to their owne proper vse all such goodes and cattelles, as the sayde french or any of them had, or possessed at the tyme they were taken.

God saue the Kynge and Queene.

EXCVSVM Londini in aedibus Iohannis Cavvodi, Typographi Regiae Maiestatis.

Anno. M. D. L. viii. Cum priuilegio Regiae maiestatis.

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